Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flapped and Turned

And waiting for gussets. That's today's goal. I didn't get much knitting done yesterday—I woke so early, (5 AM) and then once I really got up (7 AM) I just keep going. Not like a mad woman, but busy here and there, and then I sat down for minute at 5 PM and became comatose for 2 and half hours!

So there was a late start to dinner—First I treated myself to some take out wonton soup-- and finished up with some home style “Chinese” food—Stir fried veggies (onion, cabbage and peppers, seasoned with ginger and garlic) and chicken (no rice or starch aside from the wontons). A good dinner--and a change—for a week dinner has been a salad of some sort. Cooked veggies instead of raw ones make a nice change. I get so lazy—and salads have a routine—lettuce (usually romaine) peppers (red, yellow or orange, never green) tomatoes, carrots and broccoli. Most of the time, croutons, too, as the only starch of my dinner meal. A healthy mix of vegetables—about half dark greens and half colorful ones--but it was getting boring.

So today some gussets, and maybe a bit of the foot, or maybe not. Either way, once the gusset is done, I feel like the sock is 90% complete (even if it is only 75%!). It is amazing how some socks drag on for days, and knitting them is a chore—these socks are just the opposite—a delight to knit.

One thing I accomplished yesterday was finding (I had only vaguely been looking) my single skein of glow in the dark yarn. I have some skeins of Lion Brand superwash merino and cashmere blend—and I want to knit my son-in-law(to be) a ski cap—He is in a punk rock band and always performs in a black ski cap—The one I plan to make for him will have his bands logo knit in back in the glow in the dark yarn—Which I think will be pretty cool—well actually pretty warm... But comfortably so. Merino and cashmere are both somewhat warm fibers—but wool is absorbent enough that it feels OK and not clammy the way synthetics can.

I watch yesterday as the first of the glass insert panels for the new railing was raised (the top floor!) and look forward with eagerness to having my railing complete. My terrace won't officially be open till all the panels are installed, and the scaffolding removed. And that can't happen soon enough!

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