Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Police Work

Is not just about catching miscreants, it's all about being aware, and thinking.

And it is thanks to good police work, my cousin, Billy, is on his way to a full recovery.

On Friday, the 16th, an off duty police office noticed a piece of mangled bike on the side of the highway/main road. The office stopped, made a U turn to check it out, and found my critically injured cousin crawling out of ditch. He had several broken bones, (we are, as a family, stubborn, pig headed and strong lot. This can be a failing; but put us to the test, run us down, break our bones, and we crawl out of the ditch and keep going!) and a cracked helmet-(but an intact head!).

In addition to the mangled bike on the road, there was more bike in the ditch, and there was also part of car's bumper, too.

First things first, the officer assisted my cousin, and called for an ambulance. Later a “Be on the Lookout” was issued for a car missing parts—the car (and driver) were found. (but that another story about good police work.)

I know, every day, police officers everywhere, are doing good police work. But Today, a special shout out of thank to the Ann Arbor Michigan ones.

My son is a cyclist, too, and while he is off pedaling in California, when I drive, I treat every cyclist I encounter (here in NY) as if he were MY SON. For certain, every cyclist is someones son, some ones daughter, some ones father, someones mother. Good police work can only do so much. Here is a small reminder to respect the rights of cyclist on the road.


Judy said...

Glad to read he is going to be alright and the car/driver were found.

Meg said...

That was not too far from where I live and in an area where my husband rides his bike. I shuddered when I saw the reports. I'm glad your cousin is going to fully recover.

We have remarkable first responders in this area, as demonstrated by your cousin's accident and by their response to the tornado that hit Dexter just a few days after your cousin's accident. We are extremely lucky in that regard.

I second your reminder to be careful around cyclists on the road!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

As long time bike riders with kids who all ride bikes, we are/were very careful around bikes when we drive or when we rode. I'm so glad that your cousin is going to be alright. I think of the tough job that police have to do everyday. There's certainly nothing easy about that job.