Friday, March 16, 2012

I Ran Out of Energy

Before I ran out of yarn—but it was close! Skein 1 is about to bite the dust.. and it will be closely followed by the entire scarf being finished. And then what?

(Note: Many of the links in this post are to Ravelry projects—some might not be visible if you aren't on Ravelry yet--(and why the hell aren't you?!)

I don't really want to knit another scarf—I don't need another scarf. I have a list of things to knit—vests and hats and other stuff. But I am thinking about scarf ideas. Some-- of my own design—but more about others—like this scarf-- Goodness knows I have the yarn—I have tons of left over sock yarn! And I love linen stitch, and....

Then again,  this scarf—calls to me. I love every scarf in the book Knitting New Scarves—and this idea for textural double knitting is just wonderful! Wouldn't it be wonderful in a long slow color change yarn? Undulating color and texture!

Then there is Stephen West's spiral scarf—I have made a scarf like this.. and I like his interpretation even better--(but I really don't have the right yarn) but... It still appeals to me. 

Better still, is this Lucy Neatby's scarf –a lattice knit.. or (why can't I find it?) —a spiral knit lattice—more of a cowl than a scarf--A really that is a lovely marriage of Lucy Neatby's scarf and Stephen Wests! Do you know the one I mean? (do you have a link?)

Finally—Instead of speculating about what is too be--a report on what is:  The secret socks are almost done! 6 inches of leg knit, and skeins of yarn that are looking very anemic—I tend to like deep cuffs (inch and half of ribbing!) and I likely have enough for that much ribbing—and not a lot more.

Meanwhile, there is the racket being made by skeins and skeins of sock yarn! Oh dear! Can I ignore them for 2 weeks? Or will I be overwhelmed? I think I need to hide myself in the back room with my sewing machine and sew! To finish up the skirt I am altering, and to get sewing some new stuff!

And saving the best for last—finally another pound has melted away. I hope a bunch more go the same way soon! I was so tired of not losing any weight for weeks and weeks!

Besides, yesterday, as I walked to the subway, I saw a lovely slinky dress –in lovely fuchsia color—which wouldn't be the exact color I want—but I love how it looked. Simple—princess seams, in a lovely silk crepe—almost nothing in terms of style, but a style that really needs a long smooth body (not a fat lumpy one!) I haven't really thought about what to wear for the wedding in October—but seeing this dress gave me ideas!

Later –in the summer, I will make some simple dresses as try outs for style—I don't think I will end up making my dress.. but I am so unsure about what I want.. My daughter has left it open—Jewel/peacock colors are her theme—and I love these shades—but style? I need to start thinking!

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