Monday, March 19, 2012

Mini Mania It Is

 I mean, really, I HAVE to! I have so much left over sock yarn—and while yes, I do plan to make (another!) pair of spiral knit sock out of some of the yarn, I still have tons and tons of the stuff.

I brought a small bag of left overs--image below--this bag is about the size of mid size purse/pocketbook-- with me yesterday to Knitting at Panera's—and got a few rows-- Not even an inch yet--knit.

My they are LONG rows! How long? Well I am working on a large-ish needle (for sock yarn) a size 5/3.75m—I have 250 stitches.. I am getting a gauge of 20 stitches per 4 inches— so a 45 or so inch long scarf. The pattern suggests more stitches(350), and a tighter gauge, but also has a longer scarf. I am not working from the pattern proper—I am just winging it. A sideways knit scarf, done in scraps of yarn, in a linen stitch—a basic pattern/recipe.   Here is detail, and a bigger image of all the stitches scrunched up on the needle.

Jessica, (a newish knitter) was amazed at all the yarn-(what!?)--when she saw this little bag.

Nancy played the heavy as asked “Just how much sock yarn is there in your stash?”—and well truth be told, I have two “suitcases” full.

 I have 2 clear plastic suitcases—the kind they use to pack in “a bed in bag” (a set of sheets, pillow cases, shams and a comforter) of JUST SOCK YARN. One is Solid colors (the slightly smaller suitcase), the other is Patterned (stripes, tweeds, etc). There are hundreds of brands of yarn, and every color of the rainbow, but some brands do predominate. (Both suitcases have several sachets of lavender and other herbs to keep moths and other critters at bay) 

(And these bags of left over partial balls? They don't count!--even though the zip lock alone represent about about 700 grams (1.75 pounds!) of yarn, and the purse, half as much again.)

And that's just sock yarn. Jessica was, well, shocked! She was sure I was kidding. (I am not.)

What's more, just about none of it was purchased at full price. Every skein, on sale, or remained, or bought with a discount coupon, or garage sale purchase, or a swap.  There are even a few skeins that I have inherited.  

The oldest?  Are still a few skeins of Lion Brand Magic Stripes (I snagged 20 skeins more than half a dozen years ago, when they were in a clearance bin marked down to $0.50 a skein) Some day, some of my socks knit with magic stripes will wear out--(I have a pair of socks in each and every color way that they made, and double in some)—and then I will have sock yarn to make a new pair. I also traded some of the LB skeins for other yarn.

I still have some skeins of Calzetteria (Cervina) sock yarn—really lovely stuff---from a super sale at Smiley's—Expensive stuff —compared to the Lion Brand—a whopping $2 a skein ($4 per pair of socks, because the skeins are just 50gm ones).

I have a bunch of Kroy—as colors/styles  go out, and they reach the clearance bin, I snap them up. I've made more than one pair of socks out of 2 (some ever so slightly, and some very clearly) different lots. No one really notices the different dye lots when I wear the socks, though its sometimes noticeable when I photograph them. I've paid as little as 50¢ and as much as $3 for each skein of the Kroy--(2 are needed for a pair).

Some of the Kroy was purchased with bonus coupons—Those rare 50% ones—and a half dozen visits to big box store(s). The coupons limit is: one coupon, per person, per day, per store—I am lucky enough to have several stores with in reasonable driving distance... Which means I can easily make a round to 3 or 4 stores, 2 or 3 times with the sale period. This same process is used for Lion Brand Sock Ease—and some were bought (at a lovely generous discount) at the Lion Brand Studio Store –at one of their functions. (Not a 50% discount, but a good value all the same) but the rest on a coupon sale. It's a wonderful advantage that the Sock Ease comes in 100g balls—1 ball=1 pair of socks—and matching dye lots is never an issue.

I have been paid in sock yarn, too. Friends who have needed help, with some project or technique, have gifted me balls of yarn as a thank you. (I love it!)

This morning I unearthed the big bag (this is a 2.5 gallon zip lock bag)of other left overs—I have, easily,  enough left over sock yarn for a Mini Mania scarf (for several Mini Mania Scarves!) and for several other projects. Like (another pair of ) spiral knit socks made from left over sock yarn –FREE-BE's socks! (I've given both of the previous pairs of spiral knit socks that I've knit way) Or another pair of socks like Italian Ices –that I knit last summer--Those socks were  knit entirely from  yarn left over from other socks.

And there are more partial balls that haven't made their way into either of these collections--yet. 

A few years ago, I wrote a post on 101things to do with left over sock yarn. Mini Mania (that is, the idea for a scarf like this) wasn't on the list.. (which was clearly incomplete!)

My Mini Mania is not entirely random—I started with a dark grey, and then have moved onto a lighter grey, now pastel mix with a percentage of grey,but less than 50%. Next more mixed color with no grey, after that more bright colors. Then I will reverse and move back to mixed greys , and mostly greys as I end it.

If I like it, (or if I don't like it)—I have enough left over yarn to try again—with a more random mix, or more solid or semi solid colors, or...

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