Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Mini Mini

This Mini Mania Scarf is going to be a mini one. Short, (just 45 inches or so) and narrow. Its already almost 4 inches wide, and will be done in a few more rows.

But I like it.. I think I need to sort through my left over yarn—or better yet, sort through some of my collection of silk that I have been collection for a scarf/shawl and make a bigger one—with some advanced color planning.

It took me a while to get into the rhythm of linen stitch—it always does—but now I am on a roll. The front looks like woven fabric, and the back—totally different—but quite pretty, in its own right.

Theses silks—some purchased, some inherited, some gifts..all sort of work together well.. and have been waiting for the right project. I think Mini Mania is it.

Linen is a firm, not to stretchy stitch—and silk NEEDS a firm stitch (or it stretches out of shape in a heart beat). I think rows—4 say of each color, and the stripes repeated until I run out of yarn (it won't take long—each skein is just 50g's and 125 meter) would be very pretty.

And then the real work starts. Every since my daughter announce her wedding date –October 13—and that the wedding would be out of doors (weather permitting—which means—anything short of  a raging hurricane-- if I know my daughter!)I have been thinking “she'll need a shawl”--and last night she more or less said exactly that “I'm going to need something to wear with my dress” . She hasn't yet embraced the idea of a shawl—I might end up knitting a shrug or a jacket—but Something is needed!

I have the wool (not balled up—just a giant skein) in a lovely white merino(2 skeins, actually each is 8 oz of cobweb weight yarn) —I don't know that she wants a white shawl.. but I've had some practice at dyeing wool.

Maybe the silk will end up being for me.. (I still don't have a dress—and have only given small thought to what kind of dress I will want!) but this silk has a lot of colors—and besides, it doesn't have to be a perfect match to dress. Silk shawls, by their nature, go with almost anything!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

That's really turning out very lovely. I remember linen stitch, how pretty it is with mixed colors.