Monday, March 12, 2012

Took a Break--

Edit—This post is from Saturday—and never got posted.

To enjoy the glorious spring weather. I wonder how real spring will be—what with having such a mild winter? We've had some really cold springs in recent years—some days in May that were 47°--(8°c.)--more like winter!

I got a few round done on secret sock, and I got this scarf started. This was what I was going for when the blue-violet yarn jumped into my hand.

It's a basic, simple garter stitch scarf—with a bit of an edging. The edging isn't exactly what I envisioned, but it a free hand design—and it works. I like the ridged stripe effect. When I get to the midway point, there will be a small medallion to transition to the decrease. The medallion will make it just that much fancier.

It will use slightly over 1 skein—because, I KNOW, I always have left over yarn yarn when I knit socks, and I can 'steal' some from the skein destined to be socks. I'll knit till I have used up half the skein, (by weight) and then add a few more rows.

I also have Lion Brand Sock Ease in the apple green--all ready divided into 2 half skeins, to make a pair of lace (leaf motif) socks. If I run short when making the yellow socks, I can always cheat and finish them with socks with a solid green toe—I might even plan ahead, and add a narrow stripe or two of the solid green in the cuff of the yellow socks as I knit them. It will make an interesting detail, and make a solid green toe look planned. If I end up not needed the green, I can always just add a stripe or two of green just before starting the toe—just—well, because!

The green skeins are already in the line up of my own sock club--(divided, packed into a project bag, a lace pattern picked out)--the yellow socks won't be knit till much later in the year—or maybe even next year.

This little scarf (I wouldn't every call it a shawl) will match several  things I own. I already have some yellow tops, and some skirts with yellow trim—and a yellow sun visor for the summer. And I am thinking about buying a piece of bright yellow cloth—Right now, I am hemming and hawing. Do I want it for clothing? I love yellow, but I find it soils even faster than white!

Still—It's a 60 inch wide twill at $2 a yard, and I think I MUST. For just a few bucks, enough for a skirt. For a few more bucks, enough for a skirt and a jumper. A whopping $10 would buy enough fabric for a set—a jumper, a skirt, and a  jacket... a wardrobe of clothing! Well, maybeI'll buy  just enough for a skirt.
Of course, I shouldn't buy any more fabric till I sew up what I have. And maybe, I shouldn't be thinking about making skirts. They require too much effort to alter--but I am thinking about wrap around skirts!

Something super simple, made with just 1 main pattern piece—doubled. With a center front seam, and pockets that are set in (similar to bound button holes.) At first, the  pockets would bit forward of the “side seam position”,  as I loose more weight, they will move back-towards a side seam position. I might eventually need to alter a wrap around skirt, but with a simply designed skirt, that has just 1 center seam (and the waist band) there would only be 1 seam to undo to alter.

Then again, I think I should stick to jumpers. I took one in last week... and have added darts (long front and back ones) to another jumper so it's not so baggy and shapeless. Another jumper is just about ready to be taken in, too. And I have altered some other skirts--(straight ones) so I have some smaller clothing—including a lovely olive green silk skirt –the yellow scarf will look great with the olive skirt and matching tank top. A bit dressy—but not too fancy for every day. A black and pink print skirts will be done(completely altered) later today. 

I need another jumper pattern—one that is more like a shirt dress.. with buttons or snaps, or maybe even a zipper closure down the front—to add some variety.

And more than anything, I just need to get cutting and sewing! 

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