Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Vaginas, (and other body parts) and Politics.

I don't much do politics on this blog.
I don't much do sex on the inter net either.
But I have a checkered past—I have, in days past, actively supported an on line porn site--(a long story for some other day)—it was more about 1st amendment rights than an interest in porn.

But lately it's hard to avoid both subjects—especially when it seems so much of what passes for political discourse is all about vaginas and uteruses. I used to have a local representative that was interested in both—in a totally different way –he lost his job because of it (My local congress person was Weiner). My current congress person has, like too many of his republican brethren, a totally different interest.

It is distressing when feminism—or the idea that women should be accorded equal rights is equated with fascism. Really! feminazi's? Real fascism is equating responsible behavior (ie, using birth control) with degradation. Defining a responsible, articulate woman as a girl, a co-ed, a slut and whore? That is fascist.

But that been hashed out in the new in all so many negative ways. Nothing more to be said.

But what has become clear, is to many senators and members of congress are suffering a sever case of vagina envy and/or vagina fear One solution? Make sure they have one of their own to play with—and encourage them to keep their hands (and legislation) off yours.

This story is about how you can help do that. —It's such a great story.. It needs more exposure.. Join in and share this link- and join the Ravelry group, too.

Naturally—this answers the rhetorical question I asked in the previous post: What should I knit next? Obviously a cervix or two, along with my secret socks.

And please note—I have a vested interest here—Aside from the most obvious one (ie, I have  a vagina!) Sonya Philip's— is my DIL.

Visit her blog (s) , too, to learn more about this talented fiber artist..
Of course, she's on Ravelry!--as Sonya Philip--where there is a group dedicated to this project—(naturally--there is a group for everything on Ravelry!) —and don't forget to check out her face book page

Speaking of body parts—mine are working better (or so most of the test say)—a good part of yesterdays business involved doctors appointments. Not perfectly, but better. I still have a good half dozen more appointments for more detailed examination of a whole bunch of my parts, (inside (colonoscopy) and outside (a small spot on my skin) but so far, good. 

The scale is working better, too, and it's learned, once again, to display new and different numbers. Finally, I am losing weight again! The doctors scale claimed I lost 2 pound, my home scale, just 1, but any number that is smaller is better than one that remains the same. 


florapie said...

What an awesome idea-Happy International Womens' Day Helen!

Sonya Philip said...

Thanks Helen!! And checkered past, hmmm I think I know what site! :)