Friday, March 30, 2012

Wednesday Night

 As a bit of a distraction, I cast on some stitches for simple cowl. A little something—an almost thoughtless something-to keep me busy for a moment. I had a vague idea.. and cast on a number of stitches (a number I had more or less picked out of the air) I had an idea for a stitch pattern too--one I have used before, (for socks)--but just needed to clarify how to do before I got started.

Well--that little something became a major distraction! It ended up being a beautiful little cowl—though you'll have to wait a day or two to see it—and by then, it will have a partner.

 Already, the pattern for the cowl  is fully documented. That was one of yesterday's distractions. I had made a note or two when I started (I did a stitch count, Thank goodness!) –and I needed to get the details of my process documented before I forgot them. Now the little notes are fully documented pattern. It totally blew me away, that what started out as a free hand knitting worked it to such a perfect little project.

I thought it would be a fun, attractive little project—But it ended up being so much more. First:  It's is a million times prettier than I expected. (What, you want a second with a first like that?  OK)

Well,  for a second, it's quick to knit. But then most single skein projects are, aren't they?
Thirdly, it's not too difficult either. Sure there is a bit of lace, but it's not a hard lace—a very regular one, and just 4 pattern rows. And the lace is just a few stitches of it center front—not the whole cowl. With a single repeat of lace--it's not too hard to get it right.  It's got a lovely shape—and it's full of special details.

Can you see how knitting it would be a distraction? And as a result of this distraction, I went to work on the socks late last night—and look at the result. The part of the pattern work with brown as the main color is fine—but the switch over to white as the main color? A mess!

So this morning's work is to tink the last 2 rounds and get the pattern right—First things first, THE SOCKS--then, back to the little cowl idea.

 Actually, I have already done a bit on the 2nd version of the cowl—just not knitting. I've skeined up some basic white yarn--(Paton's Classic Wool—an older skein that is MERINO) and its already in  a dye bath.

So the cowl gets another go-round! It has too! The first time, it was knit with a single skien of a hand painted yarn—and while the vendor is still dyeing yarn, there is no more of this yarn, and no more of this color way, nor is there likely to be. I don't even know for sure the base yarn—though its not that hard to find something similar. (A number of hand dyers use a very similar base yarn) And any worsted weight yarn that is about 225 to 250 yards/100g is not that hard to find. Knit Picks Wool of the Andes would work, or Cascade 220, or Malabrigo worsted.... There are any number of worsted weights that would be suitable.
But I can't put out a pattern with a single example, worked in an impossible to duplicate hand painted yarn—especial if I don't know the precise base.

So some hand painted Classic Wool for the next example-- I might even do a third version is a simple solid yarn—again something that is readily available.

See what I mean? This little cowl, has become a major distraction! The first skein was a lovely combo of greyish greens and pinks (it was called Briar Rose) The next go cowl will be these bright colors of autumn—brown, golden orange, and crimson—with hints of bright yellow—a fall color way vs. a spring like one. The cowl has some embellishments—which are optional—too. You'll have to wait till tomorrow to see the colors.

I can't wait to get started on it. It's a blessing that I have to wait till the yarn dries, and must work on my socks till then. So I'll tink the few rounds and give it another go. I'll get the pattern right, and the toe knit and finished. I'll finish weaving in all the tails.  Then, having  completed that task, I'll  reward my self by knitting a second version of the cowl.

You'll get to see both of the cowls  on Monday—Promise! The socks? Look for them tomorrow.

Oh—and another good thing—My terrace is finished—Unfortunately, I won't have access till all the other levels are finished, and the scaffolding comes down. But it won't be long now!

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