Monday, March 26, 2012


The mini Mini Mania is still unfinished—It needs 2 rows and a bind off. It languishes.

But Kate and Alice socks? They are what is generating today's whoops and hollers. I love them. Even the slightly too big hem—I love everything about them.

Look what's happened since Saturday (OK in reality, since Friday night—Saturday's image was from early in the AM. )--2 and half inches of pattern work. 

Lovely! I am loving every stitch. Can you see? The last row few rounds? worked in  solid brown and the last round is the beginning of the  mirror imaged patterning. The white(mc)/brown (cc) patterned  portion is 2.5 inches (well almost) —with the same pattern work mirrored in brown as the main color, will be almost 5 inches or  patterned work--or most of the leg of the sock.   There will another inch or maybe a bit more than an inch of the solid brown before the heel gets started.

And, speaking of  the brown! 

Let me tell you about the brown. Its amazing how some colors in the skein look nice, but are, just, well flat. They have color, but... well lots of yarn have colors. I am loving this brown. It's just such a warm color. It is beautiful—and truthfully brown just usually doesn't make my top ten list of favorite colors. I liked it when I used it to knit the Italian Ice socks—but with the white, I am just loving it.

So today I will work some more on the sock—and again tomorrow. And in no time (and no effort—since they are a delight to knit!) I'll have another pair of socks done.

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grandmastatus said...

Very pretty!