Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yarn Gone,

Stitches too! Tassels made and sewn on. Ends woven in. Finished and Done!
It coulda-- it shoulda-- been a bit longer.

 But it's fine all the same (I suspect it will stretch out, as garter stitch does, with wearing.) It could be softer too, but a proper wash will help. I know all my socks get softer with a wear and a wash.  This scarf might get treated to a wash in SOAK, to help soften it up, and be blocked out a bit as it dries to make it a bit bigger.

Secret sock got done, too. But not finished. A few ends to weave in and other details, before they are all done.

And NOTHING else got started, not socks, not a scarf, not a hat, NOTHING. I think today might be the day to finish up my grey leafy vest (it still needs to be blocked!) and to sew. And, all the while, think about what I am going to be knitting next. I might even consult my list! There's an idea.

In addition, I might get some skeins (100g ones)of sock yarn into 2 neat 50g cakes. Starting with the left over Lion Brand Yellow (lemon drop) sock yarn.

It's also laundry day—and I am about to start doing laundry--first!

And its a beautiful day—so I need to get out and take a walk. Good exersize for a beautiful day. I'll take my camera and maybe find special little flower to photograph.

Lastly, its St Patrick day. Happy St Patrick's day.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Obviously I am behind on my blog reading! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I love your yellow scarf very much. It looks lots softer and nicer than the baktus, which was just a little hard edged for me. I'm hoping that the person that I sent it to really likes it, and that it will soften when she washes it.