Thursday, March 01, 2012

Yesterday, I Tripped

over a bubble of stiff air, or maybe it was a heavy dust mote. I didn't fall.. but I reached out to steady myself, and landed my hand on one of my sock club bags.

I had been heading to the stash to find some yarn for a scarf—a nothing fancy scarf—but fate (a trip, but no fall) intervened. I picked up the sock club bag my hand landed on and started socks—instead of a scarf.

The yarn (KnitPicks Essentials ) came to me as a swap—I am not generally enamored by this sort of color way, with colors spiraling round. But I do like the colors! And the yarn is super soft.

The stitch pattern is a simple undulating rib—simple enough—I think the yarn pattern is too busy to do to much of a stitch pattern—this rib is just enough. With a simpler 1 by 1 rib (and an invisible cast on) to start.

The stitches are flying off the needles. Already 4 inches knit (and some knitting done on the secret socks, too!) I am sort of amazed with the progress I am making. The knitting is effortless. Tomorrow will be an all day out of the house (but not all day busy) day. I am sure to get a good deal of knitting done.  But nothing will posted—all most certainly, there will be  no inter-net access. Who knows how much progress will be made by Saturday!

I have been making a diligent effort for some time now to post at least 5 days a week—usually Monday to Friday, with an occasional missed day—which usually results in a week-end post, to make up.

I only mention this, because I am about 2 months (or less) away from making a monumental post (my 1,000th!)--And I am beginning to think about giving away some prizes to mark the occasion. Keep watching for details.

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Sigrun said...

I'm glad it didn't turn into a fall. I love blue socks, and agree with you about the color vs. the spiralling in the sox. Nothing like a plain, quick sock for a sense of accomplishment.