Thursday, April 19, 2012

Any Day Now....

The work is completed (well,  on my line) and the management has double checked, and is satisfied.

So any day now, the 2 X 4 blocking the door will come done, along with the scaffolding, and I will have a terrace once again.. A beautiful, bright terrace, with flowers (well potential flowers, nothing is big enough to bloom yet) and a place to sit and enjoy the view. (Last night, sunset was just beautiful—what a show the sky puts on for free--and almost every night, Venus is a gleaming beacon in the western sky (I wish I had bought the cheap telescope when it was available.. I hope they have them again, and I will! I'd love to be able to see detail of the planetary show.) 

If only the city inspector would come, and sign off on completion! Then the scaffolding can come down, and the terrace will be open for business. It's been unseasonable warm—all winter and spring, but especially this past few days. Everywhere, lilacs and irises are blooming—about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule, and roses are setting buds, and getting ready to bloom too.  Morning will be nicer, when I can sit out doors and sip my coffee.

I got my exerciser yesterday with a subway trip—up and down stairs and walks (in between waiting)followed by more walking and more stairs. In the between time, I got the gussets finished, and one heel turned . Last night after dinner, the second heel got turned. I like this heel.

I think it's an easy one, to do, too. Yes, there are short rows, but no wraps (and no holes) And its a nice deep short row heel, and fits very comfortably on my foot (with a high instep) –and most short row heel designs don't. I don't know if this is Wendy's idea, or if it just a style of short row that has been kicking round for years, and she has just popularized it, or made some changes to, (to improve) but its one I will add to my repertoire. 

 It's not the best choice for self striping yarns, (it would definitely mess up the stripes, and even pooled a little with my random striped yarn) but it would work for solids, semi solids, and many hand painted type color ways. Now the heels are done, it won't be long till the socks are finished. And then? Oh my! I have so many choices! My home made sock club is just packed with ideas and yarns that I am itching to knit!

Later today, I will be heading out and searching for some more of the Kaleidoscope yarn—3 skeins will make a short scarf—and I'd like one a bit longer. And I'll get a walk in, too. Then, tonight is co-op board meeting, so I'll get some knitting done, but my time will be broken up I want the scarf, with its simple stocking knit, and size 8 needles to be my public project, not the socks. They are a bit too fussy with the mini cables to bring along.

I have no knitting to show, but I did remember to take some photo's on Tuesdays walk...enjoy!

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