Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back to Knitting

(And frogging.)

The crown of the hat is done—And the plan for intarsia has been scrapped. The ski hat will be be solid, and later I'll use duplicate stitch (aka swiss darning) to add the motif. So right now, it doesn't look like much but at least something has been done! (and almost as much, undone!) 

It will be better in the end--I can be sure to get the placement right, and the size (the size was one of several things wrong—too small) and the hat will be more comfortable with at least some of the cashmere/merino blend—the glow in the dark yarn is very scratchy, and uncomfortable to knit.  And while the back of the head isn't a super sensitive place, my D-I-L, to be,  is folically challenged--(and keeps what hair he has short) so he doesn't have a thick head of hair to protect him from the yarn.

I love my new blue yarn--This image (on my computer) is about the best so far for actual color.  But—it's a little dark—SO.. I am going to take the left over white (from my Kate and Alice socks--which is also the last of the white for the moment (or at least I think it is)) and dye it—but take extra care to make the mini skeins a pastel blue (also with some pink  added to make a shade of purple, and some green added to make a lighter shade of the forest green (a greenish teal) Then, work both yarns together to make a pair of striped socks! Well-- maybe some color work on the cuff and leg, but simple stripes on the foot. I like stripes, and if they are narrow enough—no end to weave in.  

I have seen a lovely  diagonal stripe, too--there's a(nother) thought!  I don't have any diagonal stripes socks.  

The dark blue skein is a full 100g's, and the left over white (the 2 balls combined)  is over 50g's—so I am going to have left overs of both—enough of the dark yarn to make another half pair of socks—or maybe a pair of spiral socks (they are on my list to knit) or maybe mix the dark blue with some other solid yarn for a second pair of striped socks. 

I have some of the Root Beer brown left over too, but not too much. I had already used the brown for the foot of last years Italian Ices socks.  The plan is get that done latter today--but--first I have to turn the balls of left over yarn into skeins... so maybe I will, or maybe I won't get it done today. 

Tomorrow-- an appointment with a nutritionist.. maybe I can get some more pointers to a healthier diet and one that will help me go back to shedding pound. Sometimes, what I need to do is just rethink my choices.

Take breakfast—the old choices included bread (buttered!) and home fried potatoes, along with eggs, over easy (and ketchup in the runny yokes) . Today I had a revised breakfast. 1 slice of toast (no butter) and eggs Florentine—spinach cooked with onion, then made into little nests—and an egg poached in each nest-just till the whites are set. A bit of grated parmigiana cheese, and cracked pepper to season. Actually quite yummy—and a good way to fill up—with healthy spinach. 

I realize, most of the time, I just don't think to add vegetables to my breakfast.  Besides,  I don't have eggs most days—most days, it's yogurt and fruit for breakfast—with a single slice of bread, or a rice cake. But, even with a dozen flavors of yogurt to chose from, it gets boring.

Another change is I now always have lettuce and tomato instead of home fries when I eat out—In NYC these are the same price as home fries. OK, so its just 2 thin slices of an often anemic tomato, and ice burg lettuce, but its more filling that passing on the home fries and getting nothing to replace them.  I don't eat out a lot--but once a week for breakfast? Even with tax and tip, it's $5--something even I feel I can afford.  

What with the nutritionist appointment, and a follow up to my mammogram, I expect most of tomorrow will be spend waiting—I'll be posting late—but with any luck, I'll have gotten a lot of knitting done!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I can't remember when the last time was that I ate a potato. They used to be my favorite next to pasta, which doesn't get eaten all that much anymore, either. Changing eating habits to healthier foods is a hard slog! You are doing great! I'm still fighting 8 pounds I gained over the Hols. Lots of sugar went into building those!

The dye that you did on the yarn is beautiful. Blues and greens together are so lovely.