Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Cast On the Ski Cap

And got the first half dozen round worked. I definitely need to cast on for socks, too. This black yarn is beautiful in hand, soft and plush, but black it so hard to work. My ott (type) light helps, but it still is tiring to work black. (Look at how my photography has improved!  You can actually see the stitches! --OK some some are partially obscured by the little butterfly of yarn from the tail—but!)

So I'll find some nice bright LIGHT colored yarn for some socks. Then alternately work the hat and socks--Pairing –large (worsted weight/size 8/5mm needles) but black yarn with fine (sock yarn, and size 2/2.5mm needles)but bright, easy to see yarn. Both are fast projects—and shouldn't take long to complete both projects.

I am determined today to finish altering  the skirt I started to work on last week--(it's will be both shorter and trimmer)--and to get something CUT from the fabric I have amassed. I have no excuses now.

Last week, I checked my list, and made sure I had on hand thread, interfacing, zippers, buttons and all the other notions needed for several projects. It's time to clear the sewing table, cut the fabric, iron on the interfacing and get once again set up the work area for sewing.

My DIL has taken up sewing with a determination-she has plans afoot to make 100 garments--and has more than 10% of her goal completed. 

What a clothes horse? Nah—it's just stash relocating.. Piles of stashed fabric, (I have boxes and boxes!) moved from one storage area to another.  They get made into tops and jumpers, skirts and jackets and hung from poles in the closet, instead of being neatly folded lengths of cloth on the shelves!

Ideally, I will get at least 1 jumper, 1 skirt and 1 small (sort of matching) jacket cut. Maybe, even 2 skirts cut. One-- an easy to alter wrap around skirt, one just a basic A line (4 gore? 6 gore or 8?) I like the 8 gore best—but it's so much more work to alter an 8 gore skirt!

On the other hand, since losing a pound 2 weeks ago, I am once again stalled weight lose wise. At this rate, it will be months before I need to alter anything I make now.

So more exersize—even the simplest of sort—like brisk walks in the afternoon sun--are in order.
It's been a while since I've set out with my camera and looked for beautiful things to photograph—I think some spring florals images are the order of the day. Well if not today, soon!

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