Monday, April 30, 2012

Done, Down, More Rounds and a Bonus!

 Secret socks? Done.
Have you ever knit a pair of socks with a particular detail that impressed you? For me, it was the French Child's sock (in Knitting Vintage socks)--I loved how the sock started with a cuff in ribbing pattern that wasn't a simple 1 X 1 or 2 X 2, but was a mixture of both. Then later, the stitches used in the ribbing worked perfectly into the patterning on the sock.

The secret sock has the same sort of detail. Of course, it's much easier to do when you have an established pattern and just need to fit a ribbing pattern into the established pattern—but it does take some thought. I love the results. The leg and cuff are long, and the finished socks (slightly to big for my gun boat (size 9) feet) are big—Which really doesn't matter. These secret socks are samples. I did end up with a few yards of yarn left over, but considerable less than normal—but it's nice to know I could knit a men's sock from this pattern—there is enough yarn.
Scaffolding? Down!(well, coming down)

Look at the clean and empty terrace, awaiting decoration. Look at the new railing (the key component replaced) and newly painted floor and ceiling. Look at the once again, unobstructed view.  More photos to come as I add the lattice and planters, and furniture and lights.

Peacock Lace Shawl? Progressing

Chart 1 finished, markers added, life line, too. Chart 2 has a dozen and half rounds worked. The stitch count is getting up there now—and as I work the “eye” with 9 stitches worked in 1!--the stitch count will balloon Then there are a few rounds of decreases—but still-9 increases per motif, 30 motifs to a round—270 new stitches in just 1 round! Yowza! By the end of chart 3, there will be 540 stitches per round! And there are 2 charts to work after that! This is going to be a BIG project. Already a single round takes a good bit of time to knit—It's a good thing I have a good number of weeks to work on this project. I can easily see a single round taking almost an hour to knit in the near future!
Here's a wedge—there are 3 new feather motifs between each pink marker.
By the time I had completed chart 1, it was too big to stretch out on the 32 inch circular needle (or about 10 inches in diameter.) I am guessing that by the end of chart 2, I will need to move to a larger (40 inch or so) circ, or onto 2 32 inch long circ's. But for now, everything fits on 1 needle—but it's no longer possible to do a fast and dirty mini block to see the pattern and progress.

May's socks? Commenced. 
In the bag, and onto needles. Starting with a 2 tone cast on Open and Closed (long tail) cast on, then cuffs of dark blue. The body of the socks is streaks of light and dark (day and night), spiraling round. One clockwise, one counter clock wise. With just a few rounds done, they are already looking good. Yesterday, and Sunday knitting group, Debbie kept insisting the socks were for HER. (I might end up dyeing her some similar colors...or at least something like the lighter blue.) But these socks are keepers!

There will be a flapped, turned and gusseted heel done in the dark blue, and the gussets moved to the sole of the sock –so as not to interfere with the pattern work on the instep.

They are knitting up just a pretty as I hoped.

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