Monday, April 09, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day

For March. Yes, I know it's April. The weather doesn't. March is usually windy (and wet) here on the east coast. This year, it was dry all over, and the mild.

April is behaving more like March—already some rain—but not enough (there are fire alerts /“red flag warnings”) and windy. Lord! Its windy. Yesterday was sunny and mild-(near to 60°/16°) but you still needed a warm jacket for the wind. Sustained winds of 20 mph, gusts up to 30 mph. So far, this April, many lovely days—not the usual sodden mass of April showers. Especially since March was so dry.

What will May be? Not as flower full--(May is usually the best month of year for flowers) So many of the trees and shrubs have already started blooming—not most of the show, but a good percentage will be on in April—Unless there is a change again and something disastrous happens. We've been know to have April snow, and the last recorded day of frost is April 19 (for NYC—and about the same for the extended area.)

All this is a distraction—because I have nothing to show. Well a few more rounds have been worked on the black ski cap, but I haven't started the intarsia work. How much different does a 3 inch black disk look from a 2 inch one? 2 inches have been added to the secret sock, too. It will be interesting soon. There are several styles of heels that I have never worked—this sock is going to have a new (to me) heel to work. I do tend to fall into habits with socks. These are a other change, too. The secret socks are cabled. I have made cabled socks before, but I don't immediately think of cables as a choice. To many cabled knee socks (that I hated) in my childhood I guess. But cables are popular for socks.. If I am going to design socks, I'll have to do a some for every taste—not just mine.

But I did get a start on sewing.. 3 fill patterns pinned out: A jumper, a skirt, and jacket. All sort of matching. The jumper has a denim front piece, the rest is red gingham. The skirt is red gingham too. The denim jacket has a gingham under collar, and gingham facing on the cuffs—deep facings, so the cuffs can be turned back. Next up after this, a solid red skirt—the jacket will match to the jumper, the wrap around and the solid red skirt. And other stuff, too. My skirt from last year that has red bandanna trim for example, and any solid denim skirt (and I have more than a few of those)

Today, a bit of knitting, a bit of sewing—well more prep work to sewing. Getting everything cut, and sorted into projects, the interfacing cut and ironed on—all the stuff I need to do before filling the bobbins and put metal to the pedal and beginning to actually sew.

And while there are tons of spring cleaning chored to do –I've been doing fluff.
The terrace construction involved a good deal of concrete work and repair—and dust came in every crack and crevice—I just can't live with ever window sealed tight all the time! While my terrace (and the whole line above and below me are done) there is still work going on on the south face of the building—and I have south facing windows.. Sometimes the dust clouds are so thick! The winds (remember the winds!) blow the dust and grit everywhere. I do attack the dust and grit. But for the moment, it's a thankless task. But I can polish copper and brass. I have a bunch of brash candle holders for the terrace—they are getting all spiffied up, and so are the copper planters. When I finally can move things out doors again, they will be all shiny and bright looking. Kitchen coppers got a polish too. Yes, polishing copper is not the heart of spring cleaning. But its something.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Polishing brass is hard work. I've restored two lamps, floor and table ones, and solid brass. I was surprised to find that salt and lemon juice can polish candlesticks. Yay! We have plenty of lemons, to say the least!

I'm so not knitting. I just hold it in my hands. Something has come over me, something strange and new. It's probably something I'm eating. lol Good luck with your hat, and that blasted dust!