Friday, April 20, 2012

A Little of This, a Little of That

A little done, and a little undone.

So the secret socks are getting legs. The gusset heel that I used, is a nice deep one, and with a scant inch of leg (cable pattern) worked, I have 4 inches (measuring from bottom of heel) of the leg done.

I usually like the leg to be about as long as the foot, so another 4 inches of the cable and then some simple ribbing for the cuff and I'm done. (Then I can go onto other exciting socks!)

Yesterday, I met with Nancy—she's completed the seed stitch (Yeah!) and had evolved to one marker ever 10 stitches over the course of 4 90 stitch rows. Then, a new and different challenge—Intarsia.

She plans a baby blanket with 5 broad stripes, in 5 different pastels (OK, 4 pastels and some white), and a 6th color, (pink) as the border. So we got started, and got 2 rows worked: Work 5 (seed stitch, Pink,) work 80 (5 blocks of 16 stitches) in blue, work the last 5 in pink.

She is slightly overwhelmed with 1 giant skein (less than half a skein of Red Heart super saver) 1 small skein, (a 50 gr skein of Blue (unknown acrylic) and 1 large bobbin of pink, all connected to her knitting, but she is excited to see how it all works. (by the end of 2 rows, it was hard to see just how pretty a pink border on all 4 sides would be.)

I brought along my wavy ribbons scarf (since that's fast and easy knitting) and finished off most of skein 3—I had/have a small amount (a half dozen yards) that I broke off when I started the skein to more or less keep the color pattern.

I knit up those last few yards late last night, and made a stupid mistake.. So I ended up frogging—not too bad, to frog 6 yard or so.

I also scrounged up another few skeins, 3 skeins is too little for a scarf—and, I dunno, an extra skein might make a head band? Or a hat to go with? It's lovely yarn, but not cheap. But then, I am feeling a bit flush—My You Tube revenue is up (amazing, almost $10 every month!) and I've sold some patterns. (In 18 months, pattern sales have totaled $250 dollars) I know, I know, I shouldn't big income like this go to my head, and lead me off on wild spending, but!

So here the scarf, still a few yards short of 3 skeins. Still pretty short, but also very pretty.

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JelliDonut said...

Very cool scarf!