Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Mile, and Then Some

 of yarn. It was a big hank like this, now its a neat little ball like this. (well, maybe not such a little ball)  An amazing transformation, isn't it?

Next it will be lace. A much more amazing transformation!

That's 2250 yards of Henry's Attic, Moriah, a 100% merino wool, --More than a mile (by about a third!). More than 2 kilometers, if you want to measure that way. Any way you measure it, it's a lot of yarn. (No,  it's not, it's mere ounces—just 8 ounce—a glass of water! Feather weight!) 

Soft, but tightly spun and strong. It has a lovely hand and it's going to be a pleasure to knit.

It's pretty amazing when you think about it.. turning a small ball of so may yards of string into a thing of beauty.

I always maintain that, knitting, done with a good technique, doesn't cause repetitive stress injury—but I think an exception needs to be made for using a ball winder—My wrist took quite a work out winding up that skein.

Secret socks (legs) are a round or two short of  7 inches—(already knit).  Then they will be 8 inches, and then there will be be an inch/an inch and half of ribbing, and they will be done. Can't be soon enough!

The foot ended up slightly too long (for me), but no matter, these socks, like all the secret socks, aren't going into my stash of socks. (And they will fit someone). There won't much much of the yarn left over when they are done, though.

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