Thursday, April 12, 2012

Most of the Knitting

Is done. As is skein 1, skein 2, and most of skein 3. Still to come, is the duplicate stitch design on the back. Another few rounds, and skein 3 will be done, and so will the ski cap. I could end any time, but I might as well use up the yarn. As always, the hat looks huge on the HEAD—but S-I-L to be, is a good looking man—as defined by our family standard. That is, he too, has a giant bowling ball head, and needs an extra large hat!

The mini skeins are dry (but not make into cakes yet)—each one weights in at 37 g. Almost enough on their own for a full pair of socks! I am thinking of something like these herringbone socks (I own this book).  

Though, I have seen a simpler 2 stitch pattern—more like streaks of lightly—that is what I was originally thinking about. I'll have to check—could be I was thinking about these, and mis remembering.
 Still, these socks LOOK good—and I think my sock will look good in Day (light blue) and Night (dark) Springtime colors, don't you agree?

So that's the update... I am exhausted from a day of waiting and not going much else--I did have a few minutes between appointments and stretched my legs with a quick walk around the block.  One of today's appointment generated a slew of new appointments.  I don't think its anything serious, but everyone is being over cautious and checking everything out.  I have my work cut out for me, just keeping track.  

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