Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Same Again, But Different

So here's a quick up date.

About the hat---the first skein gone, and inroads  made to the second. An eye slit, too. 

More on that, later today. (When, who knows, maybe skein 2 will have bite the dust, too!)

Left over partial skeins of white from Kate and Alice? Balls made into hanks, and hanks went into the dye bath-- and look at the results.

 Blue-lovely robin's egg blue, and green, and lilac purple. 

 Oh, my! These skeins, together with the dark blue, green and blue violet? Madness! Beautiful, colorful madness! I want to cast on right now! It going to take an effort not to have these yarns jump the line up and become next to be knit!

I know just the pattern I want. And I want them now. Only now, the skeins are still damp, (they will be dry tomorrow when this posts, but they aren't now as I write). 

I have secret socks to work on, and I just printed out the directions for Summit—I have some pastel (mostly yellow) silk that has been very reluctant to decide what it wants to be—and I think this shawl might be the right choice.

I have a million things to knit, and skeins and skeins of yarn clammoring to be knit.. but I am not sure I am going to be able to put off for long knitting these skeins together with the darker blues.  Oh, no, I don't think I will be able to hold off for long,  at all, at all.   

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