Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So, I Didn't Get Much Knitting Done

But I found the book, Wendy D. Johnson book, Socks From the Toe Up, and found the heel I wanted to try. Its a very simple heel—I want to try it out for fit, and comfort, and for just how easy it is to knit.
 (note that's a Ravelry link, not an Amazon one)

Here's an image of the heel (page 32 of the book)—Wendy calls it a gusset heel. I like the look of it, and while it does have short rows (and I know some knitters have problems with short rows) this one look simple enough—First increase to make a gusset, then short rows and decreases to make the final shape. (There are more images to be found on Ravelry)

I haven't even finished the gusset (increases) yet, (as I said when I started: Didn't get much knitting done) –but I took a nice walk, and worked on the NYTimes (Sunday) crossword puzzle—I got the big clues (based on the puzzle theme)--its all the fill in stuff that is stumping me!

I didn't do any knitting on the wavy ribbons scarf, (it sat on the photo station till this morning when I moved it to take the photo this AM), I didn't do any of the duplicate stitch on the ski cap, I didn't do anything else of note—save this: I did take a nice brisk 30 minute walk (and minutes after I post this, I am off for this morning 30 minute walk)I am resolved to not just think about, and talk about getting more exerciser and activity, but to actually do it.

Today I am going to remember to take the camera. Who knows, I might even remember to take a photo, too. Later today, SEWING. (The plan is to have some images of some of the sewing tomorrow!)

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