Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Year

I have been working on a secret sock project (well the sock are secret, not the project)--and have already knit 8 pairs of sock this year --4 public pairs and 4 secret pairs.  (well 8 if you count the pair I am working on now as complete—they aren't)

Some have been toe up, some cuff down, some bright colors, some subtle. My current pair (April's secret socks) are nearing completion. Not fast enough, but.... I am already lusting to start my next pair of socks, and the ones after that, and....

Part of the problem with the current pair of socks, is I don't really like cables—especially in socks, (and these socks have 6 cables (12 to a round when knitting 2 at time!) and I don't much like the color—as it looks knit up, that is. I loved how it looked in the ball.

It's Lion Brand's Sock Ease in color way toffee—which they call a deep grey with orange, yellow and white (so little white, it always looks like a mistake)--but the grey? Its more of a dark loden green, and some less dark loden, too.   These are actually colors I rather like (This is the first skein of Sock Ease I bought—at the Lion Brand Studio, where every color was available!) but I don't like how they knit up (to much orange for one).

On the other hand, I love how the heel fits, and I love how snug and comfy the ankle of sock is—this is a style of sock I will make again.. just in a brighter yarn—or at least in a brighter color way.

Here are color swatches of my 4 secret socks (in stocking knit not in stitch pattern used)--

See? These last socks are, well blah—or at least they are to me. (Top left, Paton's Fx sock yarn, (Jan), bottom left, Paton's Ragg Effects(March). Top right, Lion Brand Sock Ease, (April), bottom right, Plymouth Happy Feet.(Feb) --It took forever to get the images centered and balanced, I gave up the effort to have them in order!)

AND I am about to embark on a BIG lace shawl. The yarn is on the swift, it will be balled up today, and I will get to work—soon.

It is the (Oh, so appropriate!) WeddingPeacock shawl. (there are a few different shawls with this name. —the link is to the one I am making) I am knitting it in white merino, but it might end up in a dye bath once it has been completed. The color theme for the wedding is based on peacock feather (and peacock feather are going to be used in the decoration) but I want something simpler, and less color full—but spectacular all the same. The wedding is in October, so I have plenty of time—but a big lace shawl needs one, doesn't it?

As time come closer, and I chose a dress, I will think about what color (if any) the shawl should be. It will be easy enough to dye the whole knit shawl (I'll have to get is wet to block, anyway)--and I have more than twice as much yarn as required, so it will be easy to make up a swatch or two to test out colors first.   

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gayle said...

Oh, that shawl is going to be stupendous! Whether you dye it or not, the peacock feathers theme is perfect.
Thanks for the link - I've already tucked the pattern away in my library. Not that I lack for shawl patterns already in my (mental) queue. And I won't even think about the ones I've already got in progress...