Thursday, April 05, 2012

Time Advances

It's seems like just yesterday my daughter announce her engagement (It was back in the end of September). And didn't they pick a day a heart beat after that? (No, it wasn't till almost Thanksgiving)

Now she has ordered the dress—and everything is one step closer! If I close my eyes for a moment, it will be October and the date will be here. Where does the time go?

And now I have yet another sewing project—a wedding coat for my daughter. First a mock one, in some inexpensive fabric, then the real deal in—I don't know! White wool (I have some 4 or so yards of 60 inch white wool in my fabric stash—I one thought of making a cape) or heavy white satin? Or perhaps a silvery lame? (Her dress will have silver thread and silver beads as decoration) or....

Time will tell!

Meanwhile, I had an un-expected, (mis)adventure yesterday—I'd blog about it, but with all the names and specific details changed to protect the guilty innocent, it would bore you to tears. It was just enough to keep me out most of the afternoon and tired, not so much from doing stuff, as just loitering and waiting for things to happen. The whole thing was a case (all round) of no good deed going unpunished—and in the scope of things, I got off lightly--since none of it really involved me seriously.  I was mostly just there for moral support. My punishment was a few hours wasted, and being blamed for not making better decisions. (Not my decisions to make!) 

I brought knitting (the 4th pair of secret socks) and got a few rounds done (the toe) and nothing done on the hat, and no sewing done. So there is nothing much to report.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Oh yes, time flies when a Big Important Sewing Project is connected to a future date. Best Wishes to your daughter on her wedding. Or, in old parlance, "Felicitations to the Bride". What a wonderful event!

Sorry about that whatever it was that wasted your time and put more stress in life and all for a good deed done. Bah!