Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's A Body To Do?

When I get in a knitting slump?  I pull out the dye pot. --Thought I will admit, for sock yarn at least, I have just about exhausted that option.

Thank goodness I still have raw, undyed silk, and silk that I don't like the color of, and some worsted weight 'blanks” of white.

But look—I have some Blue yarn—blue with green, and forest green and blue violet. It's still wet—but isn't it pretty?

I have shiny copper and brass all around me, too.—Not all of my copper and brass is shiny yet—but I justed up all of the copper polish for the moment.  I'll buy some more polish and keep up with the effort.  

I actually took my knitting out--(and looked at it) Maybe I can work my way up to making a stitch or two.

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gayle said...

When I get in a knitting slump, I spin or sew. Or bake. Spinning and sewing at least have fewer calories...