Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A 1,000 Posts! And It's My Birthday, Too!

And Best of All for you, dear reader—a Blog Give Away!

I started this blog with good intentions—and hoped one day to have a reader or two. I have been blessed with hundreds of readers. So its only fitting as I reach this milestone, I reward my readers, new and old.

I've always thought of myself as a writer, and have written technical manuals, and short columns for small magazines, but this blog is the most consistent, longest running work I have done. I not only think of myself as a writer, I AM a WRITER.

1000 posts in 6 years averages about one post every 3 days for the past 6 years—but in reality, at first, my post were inconsistent, and there were gaps of weeks and days between postings.  

This past year, (actually the last eighteen months or so) I have tried especially diligently to post 5 times a week—most often Monday to Friday; occasionally when I miss a weekday post, I'll  fill in on the weekend. Daily or near daily posts, month in and month out. It's work, (not that I get paid for it) but it's work I like.

I like reading blogs, too—and the blogs I like best are the ones that are most frequently updated. I hope that you like my effort. (I am guessing you do!)

This past month, I have worked hard to make these two days (my birthday and my 1000 post) coincide. It's a birthday present to myself to reach this milestone.  (It's also somewhat of a milestone of birthdays—I am Year of the Dragon in the Asian astrology—so it could be I am 12—or 24, or 36. Or another  multiple of 12—could it be I am turning 72, or 84, or 96.. I'm not saying, but it's a big deal of day.)

And my present to you dear readers-- Well, it's not with out work on your part.
  1. Post a link to this blog -TODAY-on your blog or your favorite knitting forum or networking site and mention this give away. (NOT on the big 6 of Ravelry though).
  1. Post a comment on this blog and mention where you've posted your link.
  1. Wish me a happy birthday, too, when you post.
First Prize
Your reward? You'll be entered in a raffle to one of 4 great prizes.  You'll have 1 extra day to post--and to wish belated birthday greetings. 

And then its done!  A fast contest--just 2 days to post a link and make a comment. And be sure to check back when I post winners later this week--so you can claim your prize.

Second Prize
First: A deluxe project bag, complete with needles, sock yarn, a matching  notions bag—filled with notions, like a tape measure, a folding scissor, and other notions and bonuses.

Second: A project bag, with needles, and sock yarn, and some notions.

Third: A book in a box (Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up), sock yarn and needles.

Third Prize 
Fourth: A hank of white sock yarn, a small plastic pan for a dye pot, and 2 sets of food coloring for dye matter, so you can make your own hand painted sock color way.
I always have fun dyeing my own sock yarn (I'll tuck in a pair of disposable non latex gloves, too) 

Well that's how I think of them, but the first place winner gets first choice, and second place winner get to pick from remaining choices, and so on (The fourth place gets what ever hasn't been chosen.) 

Fourth Prize 

The first place winner also gets first choice of the sock yarns (Deborah Norville's (50% merino, 25 Bamboo, 25% nylon), or Paton's Kroy, or Lion Brand Sock Ease) and the needles  (2 Inox circs, or 3 Susan Bates circ's, or a set of Clover DPN's)  that they would like in their kit. The 3rd place winner gets what ever hasn't been chosen.

Each prize is, I think, first quality. And there are lots of patterns for sock and small shawl made from sock yarn, that even the non sock knitters will be happy.

It's a 2 day only contest—so get started!
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