Sunday, May 06, 2012

2 Rounds

One patterned, one plain, take about 1 hour. That is 740 X 2 or 1480 stitches, divided by 60 (minutes) or 24.6 --lets say 25--stitches per minute. Or a bit over 2 seconds per stitch. Some rounds in the near future are going to take twice as long! Good thing I got another 6 rounds done yesterday!--Especially since its not likely I'll get any done today--and both Tuesday and Friday are busy days, too and likely will be sock only knitting.  Both days are busy enough that I also, likely won't being posting anything (so this Sunday post instead).

Of course, some of the time is wasted pulling out yarn (next time I'll do a quick and dirty measurement of how many yards per round) and moving the stitches on the left closer to the tip of the needle, and stitches on the right away from the tip. And there are moments of hesitation as I think about where I am (in the pattern) and what comes next..

Lace knitting is never the fastest endeavor—good old plain knit (garter) or stocking knit is always faster, and I am, I  am, I think, (and others, too) a reasonable fast knitter. Not that I am going for speed—it's just habit and preference. But at 1 hour for a pair of round NOW—and bigger rounds to come, this shawl is going to need hours and hours of work to complete!

So, here is a wedge of the shawl again—the feather eye is knit, but there are still 2 more lacy rounds (and 2 plain rounds) to trim out the tip of the feather with some lacy bits--just as there are lacy bits on the side. And then, a new life line, and some new stitch markers, and a new chart! (and more stitches per round!)

Here is a view of a neighboring building, with the old terrace railing. Not bad looking—but not good either. Rusty stains run down onto the white, and the whole look, is well, old.

Here is my run (the side, not front of the building) of terraces—the concrete slabs have been trimmed out, and painted, and paint goes well with the brushed steel finish and blue/grey glass. The contrast is quite evident—the new railings do look sleek and more modern and dress up the building considerable.

The front of my building is still being worked on—but the scaffolding is going up on other buildings.
(I still haven't got the lattice or done any work on my terrace!) The work moves on.    

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