Thursday, May 03, 2012

And the Winners Are

(Drum Roll)

The method I used to select the winner:
I first copied all of the email/blog post entries into a spread sheet.
Then I sorted them alphabetically, (which changed the order in a non-random way) then put them through a randomizer.... and the top four entries are:


2--Beth W

3—Red Emma


If possible (that is, if you have a Ravelry ID or a mail to feature on your blog) I have also sent you a email notification. (BethW—I hope you are reading this blog and checking back—You have 1 week from today to send me a notice—you can send me an email via Ravelry, (oftroy) or send a comment to my blog (I won't post your address!), or go to my web page and find a mail to link there.

Kangath—you have first choice of the prizes, and first choice of yarn and needles:

Prize 1—deluxe project bag, notion bag, with notions (folding scissor, tape measure, 2 beginning of round markers, a tapestry needle), yarn and needles. (Plus bonuses)
Prize 2-- simple project bag, some useful notions (folding scissor, tape measure and tapestry needle, yarn and needles. (plus bonuses)
Prize 3—Wendy Johnson's Socks Toe Up Socks (book in a box), yarn and needles (a bonus)
Prize 4—White yarn for dyeing (made into a hand) a microway safe dye pot, food coloring for dyeing, disposable non latex gloves (a bonus)

Choices are Yarns
Deborah Norvilles 50%wool/25%bamboo/25% nylon in self striping color way Teal Tease (2 50gm skeins))
Paton's Kroy (80% wool/20% nylon in self striping color way Sweet Stripes (2 50g skeins))
Lion Brand Sock Ease, 80% wool/20%nylon in solid Pink, color way Cotton Candy, 1 100g skein
(The white yarn is reserved for the dye kit, and is not in play)

2 Inox circulars 16 inches long/size 2/2.75m
3 Susan Bates circulars, 1 16 inch, 1 24 inch, 1 29 inch, all 3, size 2/2.75m
1 Clover Bamboo needles, +1 bonus (a set of 6 needles,not 5 needles!) size 2/2.75m
(because it's so damn easy to break a size 2 bamboo needle!)

BethW, be sure to give a first and second choice—since Kangath gets first choice.
Red Emma, a first, second and third choice, from you too, please... (You never know—the heart wants what it wants, and you might end up with what you want too!)
JWGH—alas, alack, you get Hobson's choice*! (Hobson's choice is no choice at all!) but you'll still get something—making you luckier than many others!

In other news, a few more (oh, so long!) rounds of my Peacock shawl knit... and I realized I miscounted the stitches in each repeat—there are 24, not 22 (I was knitting the correct number, just not counting correct)and 30 X 24 equal 720 stitches per round! So, while completing 4 rounds doesn't at first sound like much—It's a mountain of stitches knit!

There are still many rounds to go before I finish chart 2—but I get a break and will be decreasing in the last dozen rounds. Not a lot, but any number smaller than 720 is an improvement! The chart ends at 18 stitches per repeat—a mere 540 stitches—piece of cake after way to many rounds of 720!

I moved onto a longer needle—I was working on a 29inch circ—now I am onto a 40 inch (1 m) one. Things are bit less crowded.


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Oh my goodness! You made my day! Thank you so much...I'm off to find you on Ravelry.

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