Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mid Way—A Change

Yesterday's jaunt to run some errands—and buy a zipper started out right—and then changed. My car started misbehaving—and since I was closer to the garage mechanic than home—I ended up there.

Perfect timing. Now the hope and prayers are that the problems are minor. My car is old (20 years old!) and well while in good shape (mechanically) it's a POS with dents and dings and other physical flaws.  So far, its be reliable cheap transportation.  And like most Americans, I love the freedom and convenience a car offers.  

Part of what keeps it running is a great repair garage. Patrick and his brother John love cars, and love working on them, and are honest as the day is long. I hear what other people pay for things--like a catalytic convector—and know replacing the one in my car, cost half that amount—(and they are making money!) John doesn't have a new car—he has several muscle cars—that he's rebuilt—not a cheap hobby! Still what better quality in a mechanic than one who also does it for a hobby.

Moreover, I like being treated like a intelligent human being, too, and not a dumb chick. It's so worth schlepping to a garage 15 miles from home to get that kind of service. I don't know much about car repair—but I am not completely ignorant of the working of a car (I've had jobs in the past fixing rather large machines.. and have a good understanding of mechanics) –I impressed a cousin a few years ago (he is an automotive engineer) by just knowing the basics of internal combustion--(intake, compression, explosion, exhaust)--Though why he ever thought I wouldn't have at least a basic (theoretical, rather than practical) understanding of cars is well, boggling.

So car less--(and zipper less) I headed home. First a pleasant mile's walk to Hillside Avenue, then a 20 minute wait for a bus, and a longish bus ride. The bus ride ended at the subway terminal—and was followed by a short subway ride home. 15 miles is a quick 20 minute drive—but an hours trip on public transportation. Still with the cost of gas, It might be cheaper—I get about 29 miles to the gallon—so 15 miles is a half gallon trip--or $2 in gas alone. Public transportation, while slower is just $2.25.

Well at least I got my exercise for the day! I wished I had my knitting with me—I could have completed most of the sock foot! I didn't have any knitting, or for that matter, anything to read—so I just looked out the window at semi urban main street—for most of the trip --from Nassau county to Queens county--Hillside is a major commercial strip.

Nothing is going to be done to it till Monday. Well they did open the hood and find the first problem when I arrived—but there were hints of a worse one that remained unseen.
I didn't do any knitting when I got home either... But today I will be more productive!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I hope the car is not in truly bad shape,i.e., UN-fixable. We have a great little geriatric truck that we adore but it does this crazy thing, like not starting right away, as if it were thinking about it's eternity in the junk yard or something.