Thursday, May 24, 2012

So—Let's Tally Up

In the past month—I've been sewing--
3 skirts altered (each taken in over 5 inches)
3 shirt dresses altered (again, taken in—one with sleeves, 2 sleeveless)
2 new skirts made
2 tops (OK, 1 top made, one top cut, and on deck to be made)

It's a nice start to a wardrobe—I still have lots of fabric—and plans. I also have a bunch of clothes that I made last year (several of which were very snug last year) that also fit—or at least aren't so baggy and over-sized that I worry about them falling to the floor if I put something in the pockets!

I have a bigger pile of clothes to be taken to goodwill or St Vincent dePaul society for recycling.

Some of my tee shirts (sizes xxl and xl) are going to be cut down and made into—well different tops—some are going to become rags. And the next time the local store has color Tees on sale 4 for $10 I am going to stock up on some smaller (well size L, but that's 2 sizes smaller than XXL!) ones.

Pretty impressive? I guess—but not really. My DIL—a consummate fiber artist has also been sewing—She engaged in a year long project to sew up 100 things—and is photo documenting the project.  

So far, 30 projects—it makes my list of 10 seem pretty insignificant. Especially because I am not also juggling a family (2 kids!) as well.

She's not just sewing (and let's be honest, 30 projects in 3 months is a lot of work)--but she is also documenting, and recently was at the Maker's Faire (SF) with a display! She's making a project of her sewing—I am just a clothes horse—and just making clothes! She blogs about it, too, and has a face book page--(MORE WORK!)

So the buttonholes on the navy shirt? A snap—my new machine has the easiest buttonholer I have ever used. So buttonholes are made & buttons sewn on, and the first shirt is made. Today, shirt 2-- in light blue, and maybe an other re-do will get started.

I have 2 really nice linen jackets—one casual (un-constructed) in natural linen, and one white one (a bit more formal—with collar and lapels) that are on my list of clothes to alter (and 2 more linen skirts), and more fabric to cut, and more skirts to sew, and knitting is just going to have to wait! It's another cool damp rainy day—just perfect for sewing!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I'm so excited for you. Lovely posts about sewing, which is also one of my favorite crafts or skills.