Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Fun

The pool is open, the weather has been hot (near 90° today) and I have been immersed.  I plan to be again within the hour.

A little bit of knitting done, a bunch more sewing (and cutting), too.  At some point I'll take some photo's of the new dress (casual) and matching jackets (cut but not yet sewn)--that jacket also goes well with a third wrap skirt, which has a cotton Tee shirt (one of woven cloth, not knit) to match.    A black linen casual dress has also been cut, and the natural linen jacket --disassembled--is still waiting to be sewn up too.

Feed back from my biopsy last week (10 days ago) good--my boobs are getting old--and lumpy with age--and there is nothing seriously wrong with them (aside from some post op bruises that has  left one of them a rainbow of unattractive colors)

I will be busy all week--exercising at the pool, or sewing up so new clothes--but you can expect to see me (and latter hear about) NYC/Met's Stitch & Pitch next week--since it seems I'll be going!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Stitch and pitch always sounds exciting. And so does sewing of new apparel and that nice pool! Enjoy your summer!