Friday, June 29, 2012

There Is A Navy Top

In my future—Look at this lovely cotton (12 skeins, each 87 yards...1044 in total) that came my way, via Gwen—a long time member of my Tuesday knit knitting group (at Maducatis Rustica—in LIC)

Gwen offered up some lovely fine cotton, too. It was a fingering weight Adrienne Vittadini cotton, too. I told her she should keep and make a lovely little cotton scarf/shawl for her self—she often needs something extra at work-where an AC draft leaves her chilled (but the outdoor tempts preclude the need for a jacket or sweater.) Then I sent here a bunch of link to scarves like Bactus-- (there are so many scarves like this around the inter net) most aren't done in cotton—but fine cotton would be quite suitable.

OK-- so some things got cleaned, (the Kitchen, and crafts room) and some things got cooked (the pork loin)  and some things got put away --all of the clean laundry--and a bunch of winter clothing--(long sleeve tops that I was wearing just a week or too ago!) and more shopping got done-- I now have more lettuce, and tomatoes, and rice cakes to snack on-- and now I am heading out to the pool--(That much was written—but not posted yesterday!)

Today is even hotter—but this morning, I got a denim jumper dress cut—the same (not quite the same) as the turquoise one I posted on June 1st. It's the same basic pattern—but I am altering to have a button-down front—one that extend to below the waist. The buttons SNAPS will be functional—but total unneeded (to put the dress on)--the dress will have pockets, too, and bias binding, not facings. The fabric is “wall fabric”--4? 5? years ago I was working at an inter net café (that didn't really have a café!)--the walls were covered with acres of fabric—before the café closed, I ripped down some of the fabric (the place was being gutted anyway) and took it home and washed it.. There were some big pieces (3 yards by 60 inches wide) and some scraps--(short lengths, and some big pieces with damage—that resulted in 40 inch wide by 3 yards pieces). This fabric became just part of my fabric stash. Now at least some of it is being worked on.

Actually—I made a tote bag a few years back--I gave it to my former boss—a self proclaimed bag whore (who's favorite color is blue)-Oh yeah—the fabric is blue—sky blue with soft white clouds-- I used some of the fabric last year to trim one of the denim skirts I made with fat quarters, too. I still have enough for a skirt and vest sometime in the future—but not right now. I wish I had taken more of the fabric—Its really lovely stuff.

June's sock got a few more rounds done—The heels have been started --but the peacock shawl didn't. Everything knitting slows down when summer time comes round--and now with 90° heat (just short of body temp--maybe 33 or 34°C) and high humidity--it's a chore to do anything except spend time in the pool.

(I have committed to making a pair of double knit pot holders in the next month—so one more knitting chore TASK to add to the list.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Little Here, A Bit More There

Well Monday, in the rain was a lost day. I had plans—but fact of the matter was, NOTHING got done.

Yesterday was a bit better—I got laundry done (3 loads! 14 towels!) and even some knitting done--
Just 1 set (1 pattern/1 plain) of rounds on the Peacock Shawl(no image--the change is hardly noticable!) —and a good inch done on June's socks.  
The foot is just a little past 6 inches long now, and it won't be long till I start the heel--(an extra deep almost 3 inch long heel) I like the way the colors are puddling—little splotches here and there, but no unattractive pools--I hope this keeps up as I work the heel!

Today—the plan is to get all of yesterday's newly washed clothes put away (some still need folding) and to get another set of rounds (at least 1 set—better still 2 or more sets!) done on the shawl. It's still cool today, but hot weather is coming—forecast for the weekend is for another couple of 90° days.

I didn't get to the green grocer—but the supermarket had some nice avocados—and sales on both artichokes (not that great a sale) and fire roasted peppers—so I have some ingredients for some interesting salads—but I didn't get my pork loin roast (maybe tonight)

I am still itching to get some more sewing done...The pile of fabric just cry out to be made into something...

I bought the pattern I THINK I want for the Mother of the Bride dress--this one--I am thinking the sleeveless top (shown in white) and the A-line skirt (shown in beige)--both pieces in a silver grey--(solid crepe back satin, or a similar fabric shot through with silver). 

 I'll make a "muslin" (sample) in some other fabric first, and work out all the fine details before I cut with good fabric (I still haven't committed to a fabric).  I am thinking about the bandeau top --or the one with the spaghetti strap--but it might be too little clothing for October--even with a shawl.  (Knowing me, I'll end up making both tops... and decide at the last minute which one to wear--depending entirely on the weather!) The bandeau top only take 1.25 yards of fabric (less really because I can use "waste" fabric from the skirt and sleeveless top).  So its really only effort to have both tops--and not a great expense.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to Work

A mere pittance—the life line, and final plain round of chart 3, 2 patterned and 2 plain rounds of chart 4—an almost imperceptible change (the biggest, most noticeable change is the black life line!) but like any big project, it's a matter of small, but continued effort—the kind that builds slowly, but eventually wins out.

June's socks got some rounds done too—but not too much progress. The heat wave broke mid day Friday—with wave after wave of rain, thunder and lightening—but it took almost 24 hours for the change to really permeate—with out AC, it take a while for fans to exchange all the hot air for cooler air.

The weekend was spend at the pool—and Oh my! What a show! The usual antic have started sooner than ever! Red (obviously, the names have been changed to protect the guilty!) is the same sad sack wander round from cabana to cabana-being nosy, asking questions, and generally behaving like an idiot—but that really wasn't cause for Blue to shove her.

Of course, Blue claims it wasn't a shove at all-- she tripped and it was an accident. Which could be true since Blue was unsteady on her feet—Still it was Red that ended up flat out on the ground, while blue remained upright! Blue is one of several groups (that all seem to alternately hate or love each other) of Party Gals—who spend most of the time at the pool on the deck-drinking, not in the water.

I'll admit—I've had my fun, too—Water guns—Oh I love these new water guns that shoot a thick stream of water over 20 feet! No one is safe—either in the pool or on the deck. 4 year old Lynn and I had a battle to the death—her mother helped her by using a boogie board as a shield.

We have sign age, too. Our cabana has a “Parking Limit—15 Minutes-Strictly Enforced” sign—and other signs. And, um, balloons--(blown up condoms!) with witty saying— and a pinwheel. The cabana is looking spiffy with a table cloth-red gingham-- and a matching lounge chair cover of red gingham, too. And Music! We always have music—and food, and fun—the good old fashioned kind.

We (the 2 other woman I share the cabana with) get accused of acting like kids all the time—but since the adults are (well, all too many of them are) drunks—I much rather be a kid!

There are card games, and scrabble, banana-grams and dominos—and later this summer there will be lanyards—all the classic fun of summer-- Maybe a jump rope?--We've played Chinese jump rope with the sagging rope that block of members area's from daily visitors—and hopped through the chalk hopscotch games on deck—including mock pick ups of our (imaginary) markers.

Is it any wonder I come home too tired to knit? Morning are spend with daily chores (I am supposed to be doing laundry now—It's another rainy day and a good time to catch up (Towels! A whole load of towels alone to do!)

And my fingers are itching to sew just one or two more things—I have some Yellow cottons—pale, bright, and marigold—not much of any—but enough to make a gathered tiered skirt--and besides, I have (OK at least 10 years old, but hardly worn) bright yellow sneakers—and a baseball cap in bright yellow, too. I could wait to make something NEXT year—but Oh, how I want a yellow skirt NOW.

I need to get shopping, too—most of my lettuce is gone; tomatoess, avacado's, artichokes (OK, I cheat and by just buy the hearts—all pre-cooked in a can), --I have brocolli and cabbage-- carrots, (and full alphabets list of other veggies); and fresh fruit have been devoured. I want to get a roast (pork loin is on sale for under $2 a pound) done too, before the next heat wave—Roast port and edamame with some ginger and red pepper, and I'll have the basic ingredients for a spicy asian salad. So much easier to make a big salad with protein as meal on hot humid days. I am so much more likely to make and eat a filling salad—(instead of filling up on junk food) especialy if I have a variety of ingredients to make the salads more interesting.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

My Sock Obsession

Started back at the turn of the century--(how quaint that sounds!)--and I was slow to build my stash of sock yarn.

In October of 2006 I attended a Bobmas/Ravelry fund raiser—and in the Yankee swap—I won some Kroy sock yarn—that I loved. Almost immediately after, I stumbled upon a some more wonderful sock yarns, and the Kroy? It kept getting pushed to the back of the queue.

But now—It's being knit. I still love the color way (Winter Eclipse) as much as I did 7 years ago.

For a change--a pair of toe up socks—started with Judy's magic cast on, and followed by a simple lace pattern. These socks may (or may not) be for me. 

 I decided a few years ago I loved the color way enough that I doubled up on it. I still have 2 more balls of the same color way--(same dye lot, too, as it happens) and if I gift these socks, as I think I might—well I still have the opportunity to knit a pair for myself.  I like them enough—and, well the color is still in production—I can look for (and with small effort) find some more of this color way and have a pair to keep, a pair to give away, and yarn enough to make another pair!

The shawl is on hold till the heat wave breaks (sometime tonight)--till then, socks are small and light weight --and don't sit all warm and soft in my lap the way the 4 ounces of knit shawl does-- which is the other measurement of the shawls progress. The 8 oz. skien is now a tad over 4 oz.--or very close to being half done.   

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Hot

Record-breaking hot. Brown out hot. Hot, hazy and humid. The kind of weather that is the very worst of summer (and summer has just begun!)

To hot to knit, to hot to sleep, to hot to do anything. I am off to the pool to hide myself neck deep in cool water for the next 6 hours or so and I expect to take a cold shower again at midnight in order to cool off enough to sleep--as I did last night.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The King is Dead—Long Live the King

Chart 3 is complete! Chart 4 is about to be begun!

Well actually, there is one more plain round to do—I've done the last charted round—but the are plain rounds between—and I still have to add a new life line. I haven't really needed one so far—but I am not one to tempt the fates.

It's cool and overcast today—I'll get some work done on Chart 4—the first few rounds are all the same—this last go round of feather motifs have the longest “stems” and there are a dozen rounds that are all the same, an increase, and another dozen rounds more rounds of stem (slightly different pattern)--I am going to shorten the stem a bit—16 or 18 rounds instead of over a dozen. The stem part of the pattern will still be longer than all the other previous motifs—but shorter than charted. And the stitch count is reasonable (under 800!), for now at least,  too.

I am am not a very tall person. I still like to think of my self as 5'5” (1.6m)--but truth is, time has taken its toll. Plus a few years back, I fell and injured my back—I had no insurance then and left it largely untreated (by professional medical people) I am pretty sure I had a few small 'compression' fractures—that healed fine and left no lasting consequences (i.e.,back pain)—except... I am no longer (officially) 5' 5”--I have shrunk. Most of the finished shawls are coming in at 84 inches(circa  2.1 m)--I can afford to skip a few rounds, and still end up with a 80 or so inch shawl (or 2m even)-- It will still be a huge shawl—and bigger around than I am tall.

Tomorrow—summer comes in with a bang—the forecast is for 95°--(just a bit below body temp) and high humidity. I know where I will be—and likely June's socks will be with me, not the shawl—which is still very light—but not really pool side knitting—and a bit warm to be working—especially when the weather is so hot. The heat wave is only supposed to last 2 days or so, and then more moderate tempts.

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Not Quite Summer Time

Yet—Late Wednesday is the equinox--so Thursday is the first full day of summer.

It's been cool and breezy—but this hasn't kept me from getting in the water for the past 5 days—and aside from swimming (well water aerobics not really swimming) I have done much of anything at all.

May's secret socks finally got finished—June 16th! Maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew with the plan to knit 24 pairs of socks this year. I might have managed if I didn't also have the Peacock Shawl—today's goal is finish Chart 3 –2 rounds have already been worked. You'll have to wait till tomorrow to learn if I met my goal.  If I do, I might even do a round or two on June's Public socks! Toe up, and simple.

Until then, nothing to show, nothing to see!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kicking Chart 3 Ass

A score no more—now it's a count down. Done already, 10 and 9, and 8 (a plain round), too.  Soon the count will be zero rounds to go in chart 3!

As you might remember, I repeated one line of  chart 3  6 times (instead of the charted 4 times) making this part of the shawl bigger. Come chart 4 I am going to do the opposite, and shrink the stem length—and make the 87 rounds of chart 4 a mere 81 rounds. 6 fewer rounds—a dint! I'll have 70 days or so (all of July and August) to do those 80 rounds—I can work steady for a few days, doing multiple rounds (even 2 is a multiple!) and then take a break. Some of the first few rounds are easy- a simple pattern, and the same pattern for a few rounds.

So look here-- now—the central eye section  of the taller feather is done—all that is left is the lacy top—Easy peasy—with still more decreases to come! The stitch count on chart 3 ends with mere 600 stitches -and while it increases immedately in Chart 4—it's just to 660. Mini rounds considering what came before and what is still to come...the shawl ends with marathon rounds of 1500 stitches! (20+ rounds of 1,500 stitches each!)

I got some of the secret sock done too—the gusset is finished—that was 10 rounds of work.  Now the gusset is done, the foot of the sock will be fast! And then the toe! Maybe by the end of the week I'll be ready to start on Junes sock (I hope so, the month will be half over by then!)

I had a fun salad last night too—I try and eat at least one big salad a day—and if I am not careful, they get boring.

Last night a RED salad—red leaf lettuce (OK, part of the lettuce were green), with red onion, and red cabbage, and red pepper—and to break things up, a grated carrot too. No tomato (I had pasta with red sauce as an entree)--but I could have.  A red salad is a bit of change (and just as healthy) as a green salad

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nothing Much To Show

3 More rounds done since yesterday—but a plain round, a pattern round, and a plain rounds. Which hardly advances the pattern at all! Today, the final round of the smaller feather will be done, and no longer part of the chart. Then there are slow but steady decreases for the remaining rounds of chart 3.  These small changes in stitch count really help--the count has just dipped below 800!

So, since there isn't much to show...some feed back from a comment.
Gayle (6/7/12) commented about blocking...
Yes, indeed, it will be a whole 'nother project. Because I not only intend to block it, but to hand paint the finished shawl!

First I have no cat or children, and can just clear some space in the living room—and put down some newspaper. Top that with a drop cloth, and the drop cloth with my big (but thin) styrene foam insulation blocks--(each is designed to fit between 16 inch centered studs—I have six (and 6 more wouldn't be a big amount of money ($10?)so if I do need a bigger than 60 inches,  (and looking through finished projects—I think I will! Most are blocked to about 7 feet (84inches/ 2 meters) across!) I have both the room (but just!) and ability to buy more of these blocks. It's so thin and fine the wool should dry overnight (if not in just a few hours!) and I can manage to block off the a portion of the living room for that long. I might have to slide across the couch to move from one side of the living room to the other--(since there won't be an inch of floor space left uncovered!) but I should have enough floor space.

I have a thousand pins too. (literally—several boxes labeled “200 pin count” and even if the count is off by a pin or two...well I should have enough (the final chart will have 120 feathers (points) so I figure I will need about 720 pins--(or about 6 pins per point of the shawl)--I think I might need a padded finger cot (pushing in all those pins will get old, fast!) 

Once the shawl is blocked (that is pinned out) I will paint it with silk paint. I want the paint to like water colors, I will work wet. If it is too hot, and the wool drys out too quickly, I'll have a handy bottle of water to spray the shawl. Silk paints are more expensive than simple dyes, but they don't require heat to set them—so I think paint is the way to go.

I want to add color to make it look more like actually peacock feathers. I got the idea from this version--(which also has beads).That's a Ravely link--and may not work if your not on Ravelry.

OK—I am going to cheat. I plan to make a small (6 inches by 8 inches or so) panel (for my purse) and practice hand painting on it, before I go to work on the whole shawl.

The small palel will be on one side of a felted wool purse; the other side will covered with real peacock feathers (I have already bought 3 ready made medallions for just this purpose). The lace panel –which will also likely feature some beads as well (no way I was going to pre string 3 million bead and bead the shawl)—my hat is off to the few knitters who also knit and beaded the thing! It will be bigger than the purse, and hang free.  I just plan to made the pattern (with some blank space (stocking knit) in between to make a rectangle, not a wedge).  

My Dr appointments went fast yesterday—just a half dozen rounds worked on the gussets of May's secret socks, but good reports all round. The Dr.'s scale was in cohoots with mine, and too, registered no change in my weight—all the other test yielded positive results.   

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The noun—not the verb—and it's not quite true—Only 19 (not 20) rounds till the chart 3 is done!

The smaller feather is closed and will be gone from the chart in 2 more rounds. The bigger feather is following close behind it. The pattern is rapidly becoming feathery lacy frames to the feather eye with the in between spaces of stocking knit. The stitch count is down, too with each round being just 800 odd stitches per round --and fewer still in the remaining rounds. But my hands still cramp up with just 2 full rounds.

The secret socks have flaps and turned heels, and stitches picked up for the gussets (but no decrease for the gussets yet. ) They are MAY socks—and way behind schedule—partly because they are boot high (12 inches of leg not the more common for me 9 inch high socks). June's “public socks” are going to be a gift—a friend is destashing (and oh what a lovely stash she has!) asked me what she could send my way. The Answer was of course “SOCK YARN”--so some of my stash of yarn will become socks for her, and some of her stash will become socks for me! That she wears a size 6 shoe (vs my gun boat sized 9's) is an added bonus.

My sewing area is regaining a semblance of order (a full tall kitchen waste bag of scraps and threads, and empty spools were collected and thrown out!)--I still haven't packed away my sewing machine—or for that matter re-assembled the linen jacket I disassembled to take in—but for the moment, the urge to sew is abated. Still I look at all the lovely fabrics I have bought and un earthed—and I so want to sew! The lovely wools know they have to wait—but the cottons and linens? Oh I ache to make something—and yet—I don't want cut and make something that won't fit next year with these lovely fabrics.

They have remained intact, because for years, I keep saying “when I loose some weight” and now that I actually am—I am even more determined to hold of cutting till I am thinner still!) Do I dare to acknowledge that some of my wools (lovely packed with mothballs and herb to repel moths) are more that 20 years old--(some, lets be honest 30+ years old!)

The scale is once again refusing to co-operate—but---clothes made last year (hell, clothes made last month!) are looser and fitting better—even the ones I made from cotton that I didn't bother to preshrink before cutting and sewing. I am feeling better, too. And moving better and looking better even if the scale refuses to co-operate. ( I leave in a few minutes for a Dr. app. to see if the blood test verify my sense of well being!)

Most of the week will be rainy days--it's spritzing rain now, with heavy rain predicted for late tonight and most of the next two day. I'll while away the time knitting—and maybe even get the linen jacket put back together. And then REALLY stop sewing for a while-- though I do still have thoughts of making some simple sleeveless pull over tops of poly cotton--(in colors to match the lining of wrap skirts).

I really have a lot of newish (altered or really new) clothes that fit reasonable well-and I did get back to the big box store and complete my full dozen of T shirts. At 4 for $10 they are cheaper than almost anything I can make—even when I can find poly cotton at a $1 a yard (a sewn T type shirt needs 2.5 yards--+ thread, plus time!) But I will have to do laundry every other week or so (not every 3rd to 4th week!) to have a ready supply of clean clothes.

Some week (I hope many!)in the summer, I hardly wear clothes at all---I get up and put on a housedress till I dress in my swimsuit for the pool—after an afternoon of swimming, I don clothes for a few hours--(7PM till bed time). Hardly enough time to get them soiled—and often wear a skirt or T shirt half a dozen times before it needs washing. But these past few weeks have been rainy—if not outright rain all day, cloudy mornings and last after noon showers—and its been cool (some days its been in the 60°'s (circa 16° to 20C) to low 70°'s—and with out bright warming sun—its a bit too cool be in the pool—and there hasn't been much sun. Yesterday it was supposed to be in the 80°'s—but with the breeze on the deck—it was way too cold to get in the water.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ephemeral Beauty

It never quite got warm enough today for the pool—and then at 6 o'clock or so, a thunderstorm powered through—poor homeward bound commuters got drenched in a fast and furious storm.

Then the sun re-emerged—and gave-by way of an apology—a lovely rainbow.

I ran down stairs to capture—and here is what I got...

At first the rainbow arced all the way across the sky.

But the clouds pushed in and soon it was just a partial arc...
But if not the biggest or brightest, it was for a while doubled.

Then just before it faded the colors got bright and fanned out even more...

The Eyes Have It!

The worst 4 rounds, the 1,000 stitch ones, are done! There are still another dozen rounds to chart 3—and a hundred more in chart 4—but the worst is over for now! The next dozen (25 really, what with plain rounds between the charted ones) are rounds with net decreases every round. What's more, they are so much fun – as each round makes the feather shape clearer.

These past few rounds where tedious for a second reason--(who needs a second reason when the first is 1,000+ stitches?)--the sheer quantity of the stitches made it hard to move the work round the needle.
The shawl looks like a giants mob cap—It's impossible to see more than a small wedge of work at a time, or to see the pattern in its entirety—I am already looking forward to that! (And wondering where I will block it! I have stryrene foam (think of coffee cups) blocking panels—each 16 inches wide—4 across are 64 inches—Will that be enough? I am thinking it will have to be—even it it means a not too hard a blocking. Each panel is just 48 inches long—but I have 6 so I can build a 64 inch square. (4 across and one crosswise)-- Unstretched the shawl is about a 40 inch circle already!

I got some more sewing done too. I know, I know, I keep saying I am done, and then something I like presents itself, and by golly, it would be so easy to alter... and so a denim jumper/dress was ripped apart, shortened (from the shoulder and from the hem) and taken in 7 inches! It's not snug, but it is now the trimmest fitting of my clothes. (Stuff I took in a month ago, is already getting baggy) and finally, the scale is doing it's thing—It's only showing a half pound loss—but so much better that just loitering at the same number for ever!

Now I want the sun to come out so I can head back to the pool and continue to work out (and in!) and get thinner and trimmer still. I had hoped to have made more progress losing weight by now—I started with such enthusiasm—but I am looking better, and feeling better, and now have a renewed drive.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Dreaded Day Is Here

I've been hard at work on the Peacock Shawl—round after finger cramping round—and now I have reached the worst point of chart 3—30 repeats –and each one has 37 stitches! 1,110 stitches per round.

It's not for long—by the end of the chart the count is reduced by almost half (660 stitches) but Oh, dear! til then.

I've stretched out 2 repeats—and the pattern is a bit clearer—alternating shorter and longer “stemmed” feathers—One eye being decreases to a feather point, the other eye just about to be created. You can see the opening created by stacked, double yarn overs, into each eye, 9 new stitches!

A bit more got done on the secret socks—not enough to be able to start the heel—but every round counts, right?
Finally,  some images from Sunday night at CitiField--(where the Mets won, 3rd time in a row) for Stitch N Pitch.  Some of the vendors displays, the team warming up on the field, and Lily Chin's TNNA knit banner for Stitch N Pitch.
A whole section was near filled--(over 300 seats were pre-sold, and some more at the day of the game.

I got my cap--there was a  Hall of Fame inductions (Franco) and a commemorative hat—and left early—by 9 O'clock I was exhausted and cold (it really got cold as the sun went down!)--the exhaustion carried over to Monday--I took a long midday nap, and got very little else done--just a  good brisk walk (a must!) and a bit of shopping.  

My sewing machine has remained idle--well on Saturday I got the pool table cloth & lounge cover sewn up) and it's been idle since then. Today, 2 buttonholes for the black linen dress--(I got some buttons yesterday) and then the cover goes on for a while.

I also got some more Tee's when I was button shopping. At 4 for $10--(tax free because its clothing) and a small discount—I now have a range of colors. Between the camp shirts and Tee's (and summer dresses) I now have enough clothes for 2 or 3 weeks of wearing--before I am forced to do laundry!  Speaking of which--I still haven't put all of the 4 loads  I did last week away!--another must do for today.

It's cool, and damp, with on and off showers, so the pool isn't on the agenda any time soon. 

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Hey, Remember This?

Once again, I am working on the Peacock Shawl! 4 incredibly long rounds done—3.5 last night, and the final half round this morning. I had to stop last night because my fingers were cramping—and I dropped, in quick succession, 2 stitches. Both of them were recovered—but I didn't want to push my luck.

See there, on the left? The feather motif has its eye (a small 5 in 1 increase) and the right half of the motif is just beginning the base (of stocking knit) for its eye (to come in future rounds) The next 10 rounds have more increases than decreases—and I have already broken the 1,000 stitch per round barrier!

The last 20 rounds of the motif are a bit of relief—there will be some net decreases, and the rounds will shrink to a mere 720 or so stitches per round!

There aren't a lot of increases in the first few rounds of chart 4—but really that getting way ahead of myself! I just need to slog through these 1,000+ stitch round, and keep making progress.

May's second pair of socks still aren't done either—I haven't even reached the heel! I really need to get cracking on both projects-- but for now, sewing is on the wain. The T-shirt became a tank top, and there is still just one linen jacket to complete (an alteration, not new construction)--and one or two buttonholes to add to the black linen dress (I still don't have buttons yet)—and that will be the end of sewing for a good while... (OH, wait there is a table cloth and lounge cover for the pool—but these are just cut a shape (round and rectangle) and hem. THEN sewing will be done!)

So the blog content will slowly once again return to knitting. Without hours spend sewing, there will be time for knitting... and knitting content!

That will start bright and early Monday morning—What with Sunday being NY's Stitch N Pitch game –The ESPN game of the week! The Met's vs. the Cardinals—but even a sports illiterate like me knows, ESPN called it wrong—Last night game was the Met's game of the week, of the year, of the franchise!

The Met's has a PERFECT game--(a no hitter)-- the first in the teams history. (I should remember the pitcher's name—Sanchez, I think—but well...I am just not that big a fan) This should build excitement for the next few games, ya think? Well, we'll have to wait and see how tonights game goes—and then see if Sunday's third match up between the Cardinal's is a big hit. (Monday is the final in this series of games).

I'd much rather be going to next weekends match up--(a Subway series—with the Yank's vs Met's) I live in Queens, but at heart, I am a Bronx gal, and my home team plays in the Bronx, not Citifield.

This year's Stitch n Pitch will have a bit of display and shopping experience on the concourse (OK, so its one of the nose bleed section concourses) and I'll be there, with most of the Sunday's at Panera's crew—Nancy, Debbie and Jessica. It's going to be a blast. I won't be knitting the shawl--though I might get some done today, and early tomorrow before the game--and have some progress to show.  I will be working on May's secret socks--it's June already, and time for them to be done, and June's socks to be started!  

I haven't yet settled on what June's socks will be... I love all the sock club kits I  have made up--it will be a last minute decision.

Friday, June 01, 2012

It's Like a Dam Broke

For over 18 months, I have procrastinated on sewing. I made plans to make some new clothes back in January of '11—and the whole year went by with nothing sewn.-- Well a bit of mending/altering but nothing much.

Now—I can't stop! 3 skirts altered, 3 new skirts made, 3 dresses altered, 2 new dresses made, 1 shirt/blouse altered, 2 new camp shirts made, 1 linen jacket altered, 1 new cotton jacket made! All in 2 weeks time! Together with some new Tee's (4 so far, but likely another 4 more soon) and 3 simple skirts (made from fat quarters) from last year—And 3 pairs of recycled thrift store shorts—I have a new wardrobe of clothes!

I have to hold back on making more—I am still officially not losing more weight--the scale stubbornly remains unmoved—but working out every day (just 4 days so far in the pool-- yesterday I took off--but I'll be back today)  I notice I am getting trimmer—losing inches—if not weight-- especially in my belly (torso). Of course, I have been making sure to getting some walks in everyday, too--so the pool work outs are just more intensive, organized exercising.

Since summer time is bringing a renewed effort to lose weight—I don't want to continue sewing, (I do, I do!) and sew up the dark reds, plum and brown fabric I have (and have had since January '11!)  I want to wait till September and the end of summer—when hopefully, I will be a still smaller size

The 3 new skirts are all wrap skirts—I've shown the first one  (the grey paisley) last week.  Since then, a matching camp shirt.   The next 2 are virtually the same—but the pockets are deeper. Skirt 1 (above--the grey paisley) now  has a matching navy camp shirt, and a dark grey  tee shirt.  Skirt 2, (left)  the black calico, has a matching light blue camp shirt, and black tee.  The third wrap skirt just has a matching tee right now—but a  matching top is coming soon--not a camp shirt--but something simpler.

The dresses? The aqua blue one is almost as the pattern calls for-- not too changed—just the addition of side seam pockets—nice deep ones. The Black linen? Well—some more changes. First--pockets, again—since I think casual clothes with out pockets are insane! Second, a small lapped opening at the neck (a silver button still to come) Third, bias binding, not facings—a much neater look. Even with under-stitching and sewing them down at neck and underarm, the facing on the blue dress still tend to get caught, and have to be checked, and tucked back into place. Too much effort for such a simple casual dress.  Both dresses are 6 inches shorter than the pattern suggests, too.These are  Simplicity pattern 9890—But I couldn't find the pattern on their web site-

The jacket (same pattern)  is a  match for the dress—though color wise, it also matches well enough to be worn with the aqua wrap skirts. It, too, has pockets (not included in the pattern —and lined, slit hems to the sleeves. This means  the cuffs can be neatly rolled back--a feature I  like in a summer jacket.   I shortened the sleeve in the pattern—but not enough—the sleeves are still a bit long for my taste.

So now its time to clean up the sewing table—and floor and get rid of all the threads and scraps, and get back to knitting.

Oops! Since I wrote this yesterday, another 2 skirts chimed up—One just got shortened (it's a drawstring skirt—and sort of self adjusts)—the other, a White Stag jeans skirt got 5 inches trimmed—2 more things that fit again.

And a lime green stretchy nylon tee (that I don't like very much) is going to become  a tank top--that paired with a bathing suit bottom, and a sport bra(both black) -will be a tankini bathing suit.  I have a pretty sarong in lime green and navy--it will be an outfit!