Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to Work

A mere pittance—the life line, and final plain round of chart 3, 2 patterned and 2 plain rounds of chart 4—an almost imperceptible change (the biggest, most noticeable change is the black life line!) but like any big project, it's a matter of small, but continued effort—the kind that builds slowly, but eventually wins out.

June's socks got some rounds done too—but not too much progress. The heat wave broke mid day Friday—with wave after wave of rain, thunder and lightening—but it took almost 24 hours for the change to really permeate—with out AC, it take a while for fans to exchange all the hot air for cooler air.

The weekend was spend at the pool—and Oh my! What a show! The usual antic have started sooner than ever! Red (obviously, the names have been changed to protect the guilty!) is the same sad sack wander round from cabana to cabana-being nosy, asking questions, and generally behaving like an idiot—but that really wasn't cause for Blue to shove her.

Of course, Blue claims it wasn't a shove at all-- she tripped and it was an accident. Which could be true since Blue was unsteady on her feet—Still it was Red that ended up flat out on the ground, while blue remained upright! Blue is one of several groups (that all seem to alternately hate or love each other) of Party Gals—who spend most of the time at the pool on the deck-drinking, not in the water.

I'll admit—I've had my fun, too—Water guns—Oh I love these new water guns that shoot a thick stream of water over 20 feet! No one is safe—either in the pool or on the deck. 4 year old Lynn and I had a battle to the death—her mother helped her by using a boogie board as a shield.

We have sign age, too. Our cabana has a “Parking Limit—15 Minutes-Strictly Enforced” sign—and other signs. And, um, balloons--(blown up condoms!) with witty saying— and a pinwheel. The cabana is looking spiffy with a table cloth-red gingham-- and a matching lounge chair cover of red gingham, too. And Music! We always have music—and food, and fun—the good old fashioned kind.

We (the 2 other woman I share the cabana with) get accused of acting like kids all the time—but since the adults are (well, all too many of them are) drunks—I much rather be a kid!

There are card games, and scrabble, banana-grams and dominos—and later this summer there will be lanyards—all the classic fun of summer-- Maybe a jump rope?--We've played Chinese jump rope with the sagging rope that block of members area's from daily visitors—and hopped through the chalk hopscotch games on deck—including mock pick ups of our (imaginary) markers.

Is it any wonder I come home too tired to knit? Morning are spend with daily chores (I am supposed to be doing laundry now—It's another rainy day and a good time to catch up (Towels! A whole load of towels alone to do!)

And my fingers are itching to sew just one or two more things—I have some Yellow cottons—pale, bright, and marigold—not much of any—but enough to make a gathered tiered skirt--and besides, I have (OK at least 10 years old, but hardly worn) bright yellow sneakers—and a baseball cap in bright yellow, too. I could wait to make something NEXT year—but Oh, how I want a yellow skirt NOW.

I need to get shopping, too—most of my lettuce is gone; tomatoess, avacado's, artichokes (OK, I cheat and by just buy the hearts—all pre-cooked in a can), --I have brocolli and cabbage-- carrots, (and full alphabets list of other veggies); and fresh fruit have been devoured. I want to get a roast (pork loin is on sale for under $2 a pound) done too, before the next heat wave—Roast port and edamame with some ginger and red pepper, and I'll have the basic ingredients for a spicy asian salad. So much easier to make a big salad with protein as meal on hot humid days. I am so much more likely to make and eat a filling salad—(instead of filling up on junk food) especialy if I have a variety of ingredients to make the salads more interesting.  

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

We like fish or left over meat, DH grills everything, for salads during summer, too. And yes, why bother with the whole artichoke if you are only interested in the heart. I really enjoyed reading your newsy post.

I love the pattern you've picked for your Mother of the Bride dress. The material choice sounds perfect.

Hope you are out having fun at the pool and are still enjoying sunny weather.