Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Dreaded Day Is Here

I've been hard at work on the Peacock Shawl—round after finger cramping round—and now I have reached the worst point of chart 3—30 repeats –and each one has 37 stitches! 1,110 stitches per round.

It's not for long—by the end of the chart the count is reduced by almost half (660 stitches) but Oh, dear! til then.

I've stretched out 2 repeats—and the pattern is a bit clearer—alternating shorter and longer “stemmed” feathers—One eye being decreases to a feather point, the other eye just about to be created. You can see the opening created by stacked, double yarn overs, into each eye, 9 new stitches!

A bit more got done on the secret socks—not enough to be able to start the heel—but every round counts, right?
Finally,  some images from Sunday night at CitiField--(where the Mets won, 3rd time in a row) for Stitch N Pitch.  Some of the vendors displays, the team warming up on the field, and Lily Chin's TNNA knit banner for Stitch N Pitch.
A whole section was near filled--(over 300 seats were pre-sold, and some more at the day of the game.

I got my cap--there was a  Hall of Fame inductions (Franco) and a commemorative hat—and left early—by 9 O'clock I was exhausted and cold (it really got cold as the sun went down!)--the exhaustion carried over to Monday--I took a long midday nap, and got very little else done--just a  good brisk walk (a must!) and a bit of shopping.  

My sewing machine has remained idle--well on Saturday I got the pool table cloth & lounge cover sewn up) and it's been idle since then. Today, 2 buttonholes for the black linen dress--(I got some buttons yesterday) and then the cover goes on for a while.

I also got some more Tee's when I was button shopping. At 4 for $10--(tax free because its clothing) and a small discount—I now have a range of colors. Between the camp shirts and Tee's (and summer dresses) I now have enough clothes for 2 or 3 weeks of wearing--before I am forced to do laundry!  Speaking of which--I still haven't put all of the 4 loads  I did last week away!--another must do for today.

It's cool, and damp, with on and off showers, so the pool isn't on the agenda any time soon. 

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

You had a grand day out, though it was understandably tiring. Can't wait to see what you do with your tee's.