Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Eyes Have It!

The worst 4 rounds, the 1,000 stitch ones, are done! There are still another dozen rounds to chart 3—and a hundred more in chart 4—but the worst is over for now! The next dozen (25 really, what with plain rounds between the charted ones) are rounds with net decreases every round. What's more, they are so much fun – as each round makes the feather shape clearer.

These past few rounds where tedious for a second reason--(who needs a second reason when the first is 1,000+ stitches?)--the sheer quantity of the stitches made it hard to move the work round the needle.
The shawl looks like a giants mob cap—It's impossible to see more than a small wedge of work at a time, or to see the pattern in its entirety—I am already looking forward to that! (And wondering where I will block it! I have stryrene foam (think of coffee cups) blocking panels—each 16 inches wide—4 across are 64 inches—Will that be enough? I am thinking it will have to be—even it it means a not too hard a blocking. Each panel is just 48 inches long—but I have 6 so I can build a 64 inch square. (4 across and one crosswise)-- Unstretched the shawl is about a 40 inch circle already!

I got some more sewing done too. I know, I know, I keep saying I am done, and then something I like presents itself, and by golly, it would be so easy to alter... and so a denim jumper/dress was ripped apart, shortened (from the shoulder and from the hem) and taken in 7 inches! It's not snug, but it is now the trimmest fitting of my clothes. (Stuff I took in a month ago, is already getting baggy) and finally, the scale is doing it's thing—It's only showing a half pound loss—but so much better that just loitering at the same number for ever!

Now I want the sun to come out so I can head back to the pool and continue to work out (and in!) and get thinner and trimmer still. I had hoped to have made more progress losing weight by now—I started with such enthusiasm—but I am looking better, and feeling better, and now have a renewed drive.


gayle said...

Wow, blocking that puppy is going to be a whole 'nother project... Do you have room to lay it out and still move around in your apartment?

steelwool said...

The shawl looks good. Cant wait for the big reveal(blocking).
Coongrats on your sewing. I feel like a slug because Ive put off replacing an elastic waistband.