Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kicking Chart 3 Ass

A score no more—now it's a count down. Done already, 10 and 9, and 8 (a plain round), too.  Soon the count will be zero rounds to go in chart 3!

As you might remember, I repeated one line of  chart 3  6 times (instead of the charted 4 times) making this part of the shawl bigger. Come chart 4 I am going to do the opposite, and shrink the stem length—and make the 87 rounds of chart 4 a mere 81 rounds. 6 fewer rounds—a dint! I'll have 70 days or so (all of July and August) to do those 80 rounds—I can work steady for a few days, doing multiple rounds (even 2 is a multiple!) and then take a break. Some of the first few rounds are easy- a simple pattern, and the same pattern for a few rounds.

So look here-- now—the central eye section  of the taller feather is done—all that is left is the lacy top—Easy peasy—with still more decreases to come! The stitch count on chart 3 ends with mere 600 stitches -and while it increases immedately in Chart 4—it's just to 660. Mini rounds considering what came before and what is still to come...the shawl ends with marathon rounds of 1500 stitches! (20+ rounds of 1,500 stitches each!)

I got some of the secret sock done too—the gusset is finished—that was 10 rounds of work.  Now the gusset is done, the foot of the sock will be fast! And then the toe! Maybe by the end of the week I'll be ready to start on Junes sock (I hope so, the month will be half over by then!)

I had a fun salad last night too—I try and eat at least one big salad a day—and if I am not careful, they get boring.

Last night a RED salad—red leaf lettuce (OK, part of the lettuce were green), with red onion, and red cabbage, and red pepper—and to break things up, a grated carrot too. No tomato (I had pasta with red sauce as an entree)--but I could have.  A red salad is a bit of change (and just as healthy) as a green salad

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Say yes to red veggies! Sorry I've let my blog reading fall so far away. This is my catchup day, no pun intended, even if it only sounds like the tomato condiment when spoken.