Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The King is Dead—Long Live the King

Chart 3 is complete! Chart 4 is about to be begun!

Well actually, there is one more plain round to do—I've done the last charted round—but the are plain rounds between—and I still have to add a new life line. I haven't really needed one so far—but I am not one to tempt the fates.

It's cool and overcast today—I'll get some work done on Chart 4—the first few rounds are all the same—this last go round of feather motifs have the longest “stems” and there are a dozen rounds that are all the same, an increase, and another dozen rounds more rounds of stem (slightly different pattern)--I am going to shorten the stem a bit—16 or 18 rounds instead of over a dozen. The stem part of the pattern will still be longer than all the other previous motifs—but shorter than charted. And the stitch count is reasonable (under 800!), for now at least,  too.

I am am not a very tall person. I still like to think of my self as 5'5” (1.6m)--but truth is, time has taken its toll. Plus a few years back, I fell and injured my back—I had no insurance then and left it largely untreated (by professional medical people) I am pretty sure I had a few small 'compression' fractures—that healed fine and left no lasting consequences (i.e.,back pain)—except... I am no longer (officially) 5' 5”--I have shrunk. Most of the finished shawls are coming in at 84 inches(circa  2.1 m)--I can afford to skip a few rounds, and still end up with a 80 or so inch shawl (or 2m even)-- It will still be a huge shawl—and bigger around than I am tall.

Tomorrow—summer comes in with a bang—the forecast is for 95°--(just a bit below body temp) and high humidity. I know where I will be—and likely June's socks will be with me, not the shawl—which is still very light—but not really pool side knitting—and a bit warm to be working—especially when the weather is so hot. The heat wave is only supposed to last 2 days or so, and then more moderate tempts.

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