Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Little Here, A Bit More There

Well Monday, in the rain was a lost day. I had plans—but fact of the matter was, NOTHING got done.

Yesterday was a bit better—I got laundry done (3 loads! 14 towels!) and even some knitting done--
Just 1 set (1 pattern/1 plain) of rounds on the Peacock Shawl(no image--the change is hardly noticable!) —and a good inch done on June's socks.  
The foot is just a little past 6 inches long now, and it won't be long till I start the heel--(an extra deep almost 3 inch long heel) I like the way the colors are puddling—little splotches here and there, but no unattractive pools--I hope this keeps up as I work the heel!

Today—the plan is to get all of yesterday's newly washed clothes put away (some still need folding) and to get another set of rounds (at least 1 set—better still 2 or more sets!) done on the shawl. It's still cool today, but hot weather is coming—forecast for the weekend is for another couple of 90° days.

I didn't get to the green grocer—but the supermarket had some nice avocados—and sales on both artichokes (not that great a sale) and fire roasted peppers—so I have some ingredients for some interesting salads—but I didn't get my pork loin roast (maybe tonight)

I am still itching to get some more sewing done...The pile of fabric just cry out to be made into something...

I bought the pattern I THINK I want for the Mother of the Bride dress--this one--I am thinking the sleeveless top (shown in white) and the A-line skirt (shown in beige)--both pieces in a silver grey--(solid crepe back satin, or a similar fabric shot through with silver). 

 I'll make a "muslin" (sample) in some other fabric first, and work out all the fine details before I cut with good fabric (I still haven't committed to a fabric).  I am thinking about the bandeau top --or the one with the spaghetti strap--but it might be too little clothing for October--even with a shawl.  (Knowing me, I'll end up making both tops... and decide at the last minute which one to wear--depending entirely on the weather!) The bandeau top only take 1.25 yards of fabric (less really because I can use "waste" fabric from the skirt and sleeveless top).  So its really only effort to have both tops--and not a great expense.

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