Friday, June 22, 2012

My Sock Obsession

Started back at the turn of the century--(how quaint that sounds!)--and I was slow to build my stash of sock yarn.

In October of 2006 I attended a Bobmas/Ravelry fund raiser—and in the Yankee swap—I won some Kroy sock yarn—that I loved. Almost immediately after, I stumbled upon a some more wonderful sock yarns, and the Kroy? It kept getting pushed to the back of the queue.

But now—It's being knit. I still love the color way (Winter Eclipse) as much as I did 7 years ago.

For a change--a pair of toe up socks—started with Judy's magic cast on, and followed by a simple lace pattern. These socks may (or may not) be for me. 

 I decided a few years ago I loved the color way enough that I doubled up on it. I still have 2 more balls of the same color way--(same dye lot, too, as it happens) and if I gift these socks, as I think I might—well I still have the opportunity to knit a pair for myself.  I like them enough—and, well the color is still in production—I can look for (and with small effort) find some more of this color way and have a pair to keep, a pair to give away, and yarn enough to make another pair!

The shawl is on hold till the heat wave breaks (sometime tonight)--till then, socks are small and light weight --and don't sit all warm and soft in my lap the way the 4 ounces of knit shawl does-- which is the other measurement of the shawls progress. The 8 oz. skien is now a tad over 4 oz.--or very close to being half done.   

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