Friday, June 29, 2012

There Is A Navy Top

In my future—Look at this lovely cotton (12 skeins, each 87 yards...1044 in total) that came my way, via Gwen—a long time member of my Tuesday knit knitting group (at Maducatis Rustica—in LIC)

Gwen offered up some lovely fine cotton, too. It was a fingering weight Adrienne Vittadini cotton, too. I told her she should keep and make a lovely little cotton scarf/shawl for her self—she often needs something extra at work-where an AC draft leaves her chilled (but the outdoor tempts preclude the need for a jacket or sweater.) Then I sent here a bunch of link to scarves like Bactus-- (there are so many scarves like this around the inter net) most aren't done in cotton—but fine cotton would be quite suitable.

OK-- so some things got cleaned, (the Kitchen, and crafts room) and some things got cooked (the pork loin)  and some things got put away --all of the clean laundry--and a bunch of winter clothing--(long sleeve tops that I was wearing just a week or too ago!) and more shopping got done-- I now have more lettuce, and tomatoes, and rice cakes to snack on-- and now I am heading out to the pool--(That much was written—but not posted yesterday!)

Today is even hotter—but this morning, I got a denim jumper dress cut—the same (not quite the same) as the turquoise one I posted on June 1st. It's the same basic pattern—but I am altering to have a button-down front—one that extend to below the waist. The buttons SNAPS will be functional—but total unneeded (to put the dress on)--the dress will have pockets, too, and bias binding, not facings. The fabric is “wall fabric”--4? 5? years ago I was working at an inter net café (that didn't really have a café!)--the walls were covered with acres of fabric—before the café closed, I ripped down some of the fabric (the place was being gutted anyway) and took it home and washed it.. There were some big pieces (3 yards by 60 inches wide) and some scraps--(short lengths, and some big pieces with damage—that resulted in 40 inch wide by 3 yards pieces). This fabric became just part of my fabric stash. Now at least some of it is being worked on.

Actually—I made a tote bag a few years back--I gave it to my former boss—a self proclaimed bag whore (who's favorite color is blue)-Oh yeah—the fabric is blue—sky blue with soft white clouds-- I used some of the fabric last year to trim one of the denim skirts I made with fat quarters, too. I still have enough for a skirt and vest sometime in the future—but not right now. I wish I had taken more of the fabric—Its really lovely stuff.

June's sock got a few more rounds done—The heels have been started --but the peacock shawl didn't. Everything knitting slows down when summer time comes round--and now with 90° heat (just short of body temp--maybe 33 or 34°C) and high humidity--it's a chore to do anything except spend time in the pool.

(I have committed to making a pair of double knit pot holders in the next month—so one more knitting chore TASK to add to the list.)

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