Monday, July 30, 2012


It's almost frustrating—All the new rounds are the same as the old rounds, and its hard to see the progress.

But 6 more rounds, and a columns that had 4 eyelets has become one that has 7 --Look at the columns of stocking knit between the motifs.... First the column has 5 knit stitches, then for a while a single knit stitch, now it has 3 knit stitches. The total count from the lifeline (beginning of chart 4) is 34 round. I am counting the eyelet stitches along side the 3 knit stitch bit—Still  34 rounds of a 87 round chart done—means I am more than 1/3rd done—and quickly nearing half done with this final chart!

The chart calls for 11 round (eyelets) in this group (the part of the chart/shawl with 3 knit stitches in the column separating the motifs) , but I am going to shorten this to 9.  Just as I also shortened the previous sections (5 knit stitches, 1 knit stitch) each by a round or two. This feather motif is the tallest, (still is--even with my shortening it) and I added some extra plain round between the charts earlier on, so in the end, I will have the same number of rounds--(and the same huge shawl). It was easier to do an extra round when the stitch count was in the 300 (Now its 840, and when I finish this portion it will jump again, first 900, and then to over 1500 stitches per round--where it stays till the finish.)

So 4 more rounds, (2 plain, 2 fancy) and then another increase and the beginning of the base of the feather eye—and clearly visible change and progress.

The possibility of adding more rounds at the top of the feather motif exist—and when I get there—well I can think about it between now and then! Gently stretched (by hand) and crudely measured, the shawl is 50 inches in diameter now—A WET blocking would increase that by another 5 to 10 inches—and I still have another 5 inches of so of knitting to do. This will finish out close to the 74inches  (almost 2m--1.8m or so)  that most of the other examples of the shawl are.

I am still holding off on starting any other project—but that will change this week—2 pot holders are coming—each will take a single evening—so they are not big distractions. I have some other chores to do, too, and this week is supposed to be cooler, and damper (rain is in the forecast –everyday—which may not pan out) but it will be a good week to catch up on things.

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