Saturday, July 28, 2012


How much progress you make, when you just DO IT!

A few more rounds added to the shawl—and the urge to start something else (anything else!) has be avoided. There are still 60 more round or so to do—what with the chart, the end rounds and binding off. I have 60 days or so, but there will be more hot days—when I won't want to knit, and there is a ton of sewing to do.

Already, the stem portion of this last round of feather motifs are taller than any previous set of feathers, and there are still several more rounds of stem before the eye of the feather gets started. Its the easy part—round after round of the same lace, round after round of the same 840 stitches.

The good news is: It's easy knitting. The bad news is: It gets boring. As much as I don't look forward to rounds of 1500 stitches, those rounds are lively—each round is different, each round really adds to the pattern.

As for sewing, there is mock up of my dress, and the final version, a mock of a bridal coat, and bridal coat, too—4 big projects!

And I haven't the fabric for any of them! The mock ups will need some simple fabrics something cheap- and simple. The final dress? Some fine stuff, and a matching lining and trim. The coat? Well I have (enough I think) some fine white wool—but the velvet for the collar? And the lining? (but the bride hasn't approved the white wool—and made noises about satin—So there is that, too—finding time to meet with her, and shop!

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