Friday, July 06, 2012

Inching (and Less) Along

June's sock has an inch added to it—a complete lace pattern repeat of 10 rounds. It still need another half dozen inches knit before it can be considered done, but considering that it hasn't  had so much as a round knit in a week, an inch is good progress.

Peacock shawl has another pair of rounds (a dozen now, of the 87 (or is its 83?) of chart 3. What ever, it's progress, but not very much.  And since the first dozen rounds of chart 4 are all identical (K2, YO, SSK, YO, RCD, YO, K2tog, YO, K3--repeat 60 times per round!) the progress being made isn't very dramatic or especially interesting looking. (This part of the pattern is the "stem" of the feather) 

The heat continues—this is the 3rd heat wave (defined as 3 days in a row of Plus 90° (32°c) temps)--this season! We don't usually have heat waves like this till the dog days of summer—that is, in August.

By the way did you know why the dog days? It comes from the appearance of Sirius(the dog star) from the dog constellation in the evening sky—which happens in late July or early August (in this corner of North America).

A front will move in late Saturday night—the weather will break and the days will be warm (mid 80° (high 20°C) with less humidity, and cooler nights. Last night at 11PM it was still in the high 80's—too hot to sleep—the fans do nothing but push the hot air around. And the air too saturated to absorb any more moisture, so you just lie in a puddle of sweat—Ugh!

I'll wait till there is some more visible progress-on both the socks and shawl to take a photo—likely tomorrow.

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