Saturday, July 21, 2012

Long Time, No Knit

 I am sure there are some skeptics out there, but it seems evident—there is, climate change. The US is experiencing HOT, HOT weather. There are droughts, and super storms. Its been bad in northeast—but its been worse in other parts of US.

When the weather is hot, (over 90°/3x°C) and humid, and the air quality is bad (it used to get a lot worse, but it still gets bad)--All I want to do is sit in the pool, or pool side in the shade and vegetate.

I've done that a lot this summer. Its not yet August—usually the worst of the summer months) and we've already had 3 heat waves (Defined as: (per weather service) 3 or more days of + 90°. The first heat wave was back in May, and we've had 3 in July. Its Hot. Too damn hot.

I do my best to keep cool, but I don't sleep well, and the heat saps all my energy.

But the weather broke on Wednesday—HUGE thunderstorms, lots of rain, and I caught up on some cleaning (I haven't been cleaning either!) and I caught up on some knitting.

Look! Here it is mid July, and I have finally finished Junes (first pair!) of socks. I didn't use every last yard of yarn (I rarely do) but these socks are taller than average. On the other hand, the foot is slightly shorter (by a half inch) and the circumference is a bit smaller. They fits LEGS better than my average sock –since my average sock is knit for me—and my feet are bigger and my calves fuller. But these socks aren't for me.

One day soon, my Tuesday night knitting will meet again—minor illness as well as the heat has caused several cancellations—and these socks will be swapped for some sock yarn. Tracy is house cleaning too—and reducing her stash. Some sock yarns are coming my way. For years Tracy has asked for socks (she knits and she crochets—just not socks) and this pair is made for her. Tracy didn't ask for a swap—she was just being generous—but how could I not knit her a pair of socks?

I finished the loopy, lacy knit necklace (a title my daughter thinks is a more appropriate for this) It's going to be given away. 
And I've finished (bound off, and wove in tails) of this scarf, too, that's been a WIP for months—waiting to be bound off and finished! I am thinking of adding a crosswise border-- But not right now. At least it is bound off and the needle is free.

Peacock Shawl has been languishing too, but I have to get cracking. (one round (a plain one) has been added.  My daughter's wedding shower is the first week of August, and it's just weeks from then till the wedding—I have to finish the shawl, (knitting) paint and block it, AND get my dress made. Plus I have committed to make a wedding coat for my daughter, too! 

Both the dress and coat will require samples first--the sample coat will end up being a warm bathrobe—made of cotton and lined with flannel—vs the real coat of white wool lined in satin.

I have finally quit (for the moment) sewing for myself—and while the work I did reduced my stash of fabric—most of it has been replenished. Come the fall, I will need some heavier, (warmer) darker skirts—and while the brown, the brick, the red, and the plum are a start, there is also some denim  (what's a wardrobe with a denim skirt or two, or more!?) and a piece of black—I am enough of a NY'er that I NEED at least 1 black skirt—besides, I have a half dozen pairs of socks that are partially black—I need black clothes to wear with the socks!

I haven't been successful in losing more weight (I have to be honest—I haven't been making an effort) but I haven't gained back any of the weight I've lost-- so most of my old cloths are way to big and I will need to sew up more new ones—I have a half dozen skirts, and 3 jumper dresses.... but I need more clothes than that! I have to clean closets, too and get rid of all those clothes that don't fit.

(I am such a clothes horse! I hate getting rid of clothes—even the ones that are way too big, and just not worth altering. But I have resolved to do it. I need to make room for all the new clothes I plan to sew.)  

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