Tuesday, July 10, 2012

OK—I Got Something Done

Not much—not a full repeat on the lace pattern of the sock (still a few rounds short)--still its looking more sock like (and less anklet like) with every round.  I still have lots of yarn--these might end up being boot high (about 12 inches of leg) socks.

And just a few rounds of the shawl (up to round 15—which is more than it sounds, since last time I posted, my count was wrong—I had only completed 10 (not 12 rounds of chart 4)--there are 2 chart repeats between each marker (blue thread)--the black yarn is the lifeline at the end of chart 3.  

Then, child like, I got distracted by some pretty colors, and fun texture. Premier Yarn has Starbella (other brand of yarns have similar yarns—including Paton)--but I fell for the Cheers color way...

Here I am 48 hours later with a new summer scarf appearing. It's a bulky texture yarn, but not a fast knit. I am using size 8 needles, (the pattern suggested a size 7) But opening (and untwisting) the lacy tape is time consuming. And the scarf is a bit heavy (though it doesn't look it!) It does look light and lacy and fun-- and well, fun it is!

I've been distracted by reading too—Summer junk—the Oh,so popular Shades of Grey. I am not much impressed with it. It's the reading equivelant to cotton candy. Fun, but there is nothing there but air and sticky mess. I don't think of my self as a super sophisticate—but the sex is sophmoric. If this is the state of erotica today—well what can I say. (I've read better, Hell, I have done better!)   

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