Thursday, July 26, 2012

Round and Round and Round

Another 10 round have been knit, and another set of increases.

Count per round is 840—and will hold steady at that for then next 20 rounds or so (22 rounds as per the chart, but I am cheating and reducing the count by a pair (one charted round/one plain round.

The work is simple, almost boring—the paired yarn overs and together's stack up on top of one another, and each patterned round is the same, again and again, 60 repeats per round, 10 charted rounds in row (or rather column!)

June's socks were presented to Tracy on Tuesday—and were (happily for both of us!) a perfect fit.
She slipped off her strappy sandles and wore the socks all evening as she knit.

Sometime in the weeks to come—I get to blog about the new (to me) sock yarn that she has promised to add to my stash. I think about starting sock.. My goal was to make 24 pairs of socks this year, 12 public and 12 secret—and at this point—with just a week left to the month of July, 3 pairs behind.

No secret socks for June, and no socks at all for July! But I have 70 or so rounds of the shawl to finish—and with each round taking the better part of an hour (and longer and more time consuming rounds to come—that's 70 hours of work to do. For now, socks will have to wait. I want to make more progress on the shawl before I start any other projects. I really love how it looks, and I think the finished result will be stunning-- but I have to finish!

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