Thursday, August 09, 2012

14, 15, 16, 17...

Well 214, 215, 216, 217 that is... and 4 more round have been knit. And once again, I have ended at a pattern round, not a plain one. I didn't get as much knit as I hoped or planned, but 4 rounds, is still 4 rounds.

There are enough rounds now that the lacy fan between each of the feathers is a bit more evident—and the feather is taking its final shape. There will be a border of lace after the feather is finished, too.

Each row is just a bit different—but the feather is simple enough, and lace makes sense. All I need its a quick glance at the chart before I start—to check that what I think should happen is what is charted then I just knit away... Till my fingers cramp up! Its time then to stop and admire my work and marvel at the progress.

There are just 65 days left, and oh so much to do!

I still haven't lost more weight—but working out in the pool has turned some flab to hard muscle, and I have lost some inches—which is just as good!

I have begun to make lists.. fabric for first version of dress (cheap stuff!) fabric for dress (What to buy?--and where?) Tomorrow is going to be a rainy day—maybe I will try out the fabric store in Jamaica that a friend recommended—I need to check the pattern and see how many yards I need—incase I find some fabric I love.

I will need shoes, too! And its not too soon to begin to look for something.

Plus there is the matter of the wedding coat.. Fabric is needed for that, too, and time to sew both the mock up and the real thing. That 4 sewing projects to complete along with the shawl.

What am I doing sitting at the computer?

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Judy said...

"What am I doing sitting at the computer?"

List making and prioritizing!