Thursday, August 30, 2012

All Round Progress

Rounds and rounds of progress, on the shawl, and on the socks.
First—2 more rounds added to the shawl--(and still more rounds to come.  It's always refreshing to come back to the shawl. It is a bit tedious to knit—and I keep putting it down, and giving it a rest-- I do still need breaks—but I so love it.
Every time I pick it back up--its so wonderful to knit.

Here it is, just gently laid out, not pinned (and missing its dark/high contrast backdrop) —you can see how the feather has a single 'crown of lace' (and this is technically the end of the chart)--

But it's also easy to see, a second (or third or fourth!) crown of lace would be a nice touch. Which is why I am doing the extra 6 rounds and anding the second crown. 

Here's the skein of yarn--
Remember how it looked 6 months ago? A big, fat, solid 8 oz of yarn. Now, it's a shell of its former self--(and the weight? Under an ounce!) These long rounds eat up yards and yard –and those yard all to quickly add up to ounces. Just a few weeks ago it was twice the weight.

I've made progress on the socks, too. Both pairs.

The Lost and Found socks are over 6 inches long—and on their way to getting clocks—other than a bit of texture at the cast on/cuff, these are pretty plain sock. Yes, there is my standard inch/inch and half of ribbing, (and a few rounds of edging before the ribbing), but aside from that, it is a plain stocking knit. The clocks are small medallions of reverse stocking knit, and mini cable. Not much in the way of texture or design--but something.

The clocks aren't done yet—but by the time they are finished, the leg of the sock will be too. There has been some puddling (not quite pooling)-- which is always a factor in a yarn like this. But I am going to take my chances and make a flap/turned gussets heel. I can live with a small puddle or two. Even if the puddles grow to mini pools.

The Replacement socks that I started when the blue green where lost? They too have a bit of fancy at the cast on/cuff--No ribbing though. They are edging toward being 5 inches long. They are being knit in yet another color way of one of favorite brands of self striping sock yarn. One full repeat of the color sequence has been knit, and then some, 2 full color sequences and the leg will be done--this is likely to be slightly long than my standard 7 inches before the heel. These socks will have an afterthought style heel--I really dislike how a flap/turned/gusseted heel disrupts the self striping sequence--and since the color sequence is the main design--doing what I can to keep it intact makes sense.

So, big rounds and small ones, plain ones and patterned ones, all round, progress is being made.

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