Monday, August 20, 2012

Step 1 Completed

Well almost—My old car has been cleaned out –all the maps, and tools, and other stuff that are worth keeping have been kept. All the junk (mostly plastic bags) has been thrown out. I've checked, and double checked—the glove box, the side pockets, the back seat pockets, the trunk.

Later today, the junker is coming to pick it up (and I will get a pittance –but better than nothing for it)

Tomorrow—I pick up the Gallant—and head to the DMV—and if all goes well, I'll have the car (officially registered in my name) by tomorrow afternoon. If things don't go well, well, I'll have a start on registering it.

The whole thing is simple—but that hasn't stopped me from having anxiety—almost to the point of being paralyzed. I know I should be able to do this without breaking a sweat—but the whole process has been scary and nerve wracking. Intellectually, I know what to do, and how to do it—But I am am still anxious! It doesn't make sense—but it is the way things are!

But now that things are falling into place, I'll get back to knitting. At times, I have been too anxious even to knit.. Still I did get 3 rounds worked this weekend.

I stopped last night at a pattern round—229—the last round of the feather motif! Now just a few lacy rounds to go! And yes, I could end with just 6 lacy rounds on the top of the feather(3 patterned/3 plain) ; but now that I am there, I am am sure—I need at least one extra repeat of the lace top.. that is: I'll repeat rounds 231 to 236 once.

So the final countdown looks like this—a plain round, then the last six rounds of the chart to get to round 235, (1 +6) plus 1 repeat of the last six rounds, to make the lace a bit deeper ( 6 more), plus 2 edge rounds and bind off--15 rounds and its done. 

 It's weird—when I started this chart (wimpy little 700 stitch rounds!) I skipped some rounds.. now with 1500 stitch rounds looming, I am planning on adding rounds! But I've put so much effort into this project, it's nothing now to make the lace edge a bit bigger—the final result will be so worth the effort.--I am holding off on a photo--maybe tomorrow--maybe none from now till its finished!

So another step 1 will be completed soon. Step 2 is getting making a swatch and getting the silk paint to try out painting (on the swatch)--step 3 is actually blocking and painting the shawl!

When I wasn't knitting--(and 3 rounds is a lot of knitting!) I was obsessing about the shawl (actually I was obsessing about the shawl so as not to think about the car!) I did some math-- at this point, each round takes about 5 yards of yarn. So another 80 yards—its nothing! I'll even have some yarn left-- And another whole skein of this yarn--So I can always make another huge shawl (not happening anytime soon!)

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