Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Or is should I say It Has Eyes? 60 of them! Amazing the change that 9 rounds make! I've ended on a pattern round--(each set of pattern/plain rounds now takes 3 hours!)--I just didn't have it in me to knit another plain round last night.

But 1 more plain round, and the next pattern round is 215—then there will be 20 more rounds left. I am making progress-- Visible, tangible progress—The count down is on to the wedding day, and I will be finished in time!

Today—a doctors appointment—I won't bring the shawl on the subway, and to the doctors—I won't have enough waiting time to complete a full round—so I'll do some work on the socks.

Tomorrow—a whole day of sitting around waiting, and not doing much of anything—but it will be indoors, and air conditioned, and well lit—and it will the perfect opportunity to get a few rounds done. Maybe as many as 6 rounds--(9 hours of knitting? No, I don't think so—but 4 rounds for sure) I find it's as much as I can do to knit 2 rounds one patterned and one plain back to back—my fingers start to cramp up. But If I get a round today and 2 more rounds to night, and 4 more rounds tomorrow... well! That's an ambitious plan! But its so much fun to knit now. The feather is taking shape, the fan of lace between each feather adds interest, too, making each round different—and for me, that is a good thing.

One of the more frustrating parts right now, is A—you can't see the whole of the shawl...folded this way, you can see most of the first 3 tier/rings of the shawl.. (each chart is one tier) Turn it over and you see how bunched up all the stitches are on the needle!

Which is problem B-- there are too many stitches for the needle. It's hard to move them round, and more than once, I have given a yank—only to find, I have pulled 2 to 32 to Oh, sh#t! Way to many stitches! off the needle and I need to stop and catch them before they run.

One advantage of loose open knitting, is the stitches are reluctant to run--(though they have—but not far) I suppose I could stop and add an other life line.. but I don't want too. I just want to knit and finish it!

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gayle said...

I think this is the definitive Mother of the Bride Shawl. None of your descendants are going to be able to get married without it, now...
It's so beautiful - can't wait to see it blocked!