Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Good News

Actually, It's GREAT news. I gave up too soon! The knitting I lost last week at the DMV?—Returned! I picked it up yesterday--(yet another trip to DMV!) --and did all sorts of errands at the same time. I am so happy about the knitting—It was one of my favorite bags—I loved the yarn--(though it is a style/color that is still available) and I had some 4 inches or so worked on the top down socks.

There were lots of other things in the bag, too.   I had totally forgotten I had 1 spare circ. (about a size 4), and a set of bamboo DPN's, there were 2 good scissors (plus a so-so one!) and a crochet hook in the bag, too.  (All left overs from class--stuff that got misfiled in my knitting)--and don't forget the pair of circs the sock were on! All of it, (and my $16.72) returned! I gave the DMV clerk $6- Not a huge reward—but it was handy—I took it out of the bag-- and it's enough for her to  buy a quick lunch--or some other treat.

I also stopped, found a supervisor, and thanked him, nnd mentioned the clerk by name. He was clearly surprized to get a compliment—instead of a complaint. I hope the clerk gets a second bonus out of it.

I try to be realistic, and not to let myself get attached to things--(knitting a thing? Never!--It's a true gerund--a continuous state of being! ) but I really was so sad about the loss of the bag—I can hardly contain my joy at its return—I would suggest something biblical –like sacrificing a fatted lamb—But, no, lets not sacrifice a lamb! Let's keep all the lambs—and shear them! I'll use this blog to express my thankfulness!

After the DMV I went on a shopping spree. First I stopped at the art store. These are becoming something of a rarity—and eventually found silk paint (Jacquard brand)--and bought 8 bottles (several shade of blues and greens, and brown (no bronze)We won't go into a discussion here about how I haven't knit a stitch of the shawl for over a week now!--I still have OTHER knitting to do ( a sample swatch to knit and practice painting before I put paint to the shawl!) but, now at least, I have the silk paints I need—and I know where to get more.

Then I stopped at Jackson Heights Fabric--which is not in Jackson Heights—which is part of Flushing--but in down town Jamaica.  A bit of NYC's crazy geo/political craziness.  

Queens County (aka the borough of Queens) has 3 main “towns” (postal zones/zipcodes)--Long Island City, Flushing and the third is Jamaica.  Each of these towns are divided into named neighborhoods like SunnySide, or Astoria--(LIC) or, my current neighborhood of Rego Park, or my past Little Neck (Flushing), or Ozone Park or Howard Beach (in Jamaica). There are about 100 different named neighborhoods in Queens. Names recognized by the post office--(I get mail at Rego Park, not Flushing, (and most definitely not Queens, NY—a place that doesn't exist for the post office (Federal government/vs State and local jurisdictions!) 

This is not true for any other borough in NYC--Manhattanites (aka New York County) might live in SoHo, or in the upperwest side, (but it's all NY, NY) and the same for Brooklyn--(aka Kings County) No designation for Park Slope or Carroll Gardens--it's all just Brooklyn and zip code  More of the same for  the Bronx (aka Bronx county) as well.  Fordham  or Mott Haven, or Riverdale--All just get Bronx NY and zip.  Queens alone has 3 major (first 3 numbers) divisions, and each zip (last two numbers) gets its own local name.  And no one (according to the post office that is) lives in Queens, NY!

All three towns retain remnants of the original towns center or down town area. Downtown Flushing has changed the most dramatically—It's now Queen's Asian center ---with many Chinese, Korean and other Asian immigrants flocking there--(including a whole section devoted to the Indian sub continent).  Jamaica's down town is the biggest (I think) and has always had more shopping (with several major department stores). 

For out of towner's—here is an easy guide—LIC is where all the bridges and tunnels (to Manhattan) are; La Guardia Airport is in Flushing, JFK airport is in Jamaica.--the divisions are West(LIC), North (Flushing) and South (Jamaica). The 3 towns are relatively old, and each town has one or 2 historic buildings or sites (going back to the 1650, or so!) Flushing (Flushing Meadow Park) is home to most of the Queens stadiums (the Tennis Stadium (the US Open is going on now) and CitiField (home to the NYMets).  Jamaica has a National Park--(Gateway Park). 

Well, getting away from a geography lesson—I bought fabric. It's not exactly what I wanted. I have seen the exact color and weight fabric I wanted in JoAnnes—but I didn't like the fabric (it failed a crush test (crush a handful of fabric for 10 seconds—how bad/how set are the wrinkles?)--and it was $12.99 a yard.

The fabric at Jackson Heights? Not quite the color I wanted (a bit too grey vs silver grey) though it looks better in the natural light then it did in the store.  It's a bit to soft and drapy (I think I will need a good deal of interfacing) but crush resistant (it bounced back and was wrinkle free in seconds after I released it.--The soft, visible  fold lines were gone by the time I finished up adding the photo's and editing this post)

The price was right,  too—Just $1.99 a yard--(I bought 6 yards!)-- I didn't buy the lining (I am thinking of using a self fabric lining—for the bodice—but I will need something for the skirt) and they didn't have any  of the notions I needed (I want an invisible zipper for the skirt, plus —the top calls for buttons—I am thinking covered.) They had almost no notions—certainly no horse hair braid for the hem, or boning for the bodice. The thread selection was almost non-existent--it wasn't a display, but a big bucket of assorted colors—dig for the one you want--but they do have a big selection of interfacing... and linings, so I will likely return for these. I might even add some crinoline to keep the full A line puffed out. (The store also has a huge selection of laces and embroidered brocades--I loved some of them, (but have absolutely no need for them!) 

I have some thread—I might buy more when I get to JoAnne's (which does have a nice supply of notions)—the last details are often the most visible (buttonholes and top stitching!) and it's better to have an extra spool. But it's a start to the dress.  I still haven't bought the pattern for Emily's coat, either (another thing on my list for JoAnne's.)

I stopped at both ACMoore and Michaels, too, but didn't buy anything--(thought I was tempted by sales and specials) A couple of hours of out shopping filled up most of the morning and part of the afternoon.  I had started the day early--(before my trip to the DMV) at the Blood lab—the white shirted vampires had a go at me first thing in the AM—and did a good job of it—there is hardly even a mark from the puncture. There was still time for quick dip in the pool in the late afternoon. But I was too tired last night to do any knitting.


Knittingdancer on Ravelry said...

I know you are so excited that your knitting bag was turned in at the DMV. Congrats on getting a newer car. I still driving a 1994 Nissan Sentra. The odometer had stopped working in 2005 but the speedometer works, at least I know how fast I am driving. I love the peacock shawl you knitting.

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Yay! I am so HAPPY about that bag finding it's way back home to you!!!!

I'm also glad about your new car.. Now I have to go back and read the rest of the post. Wowzer! So fine!

Robyn said...

Great news about the found bag! And I enjoyed that discussion of the intricacies of the Queens postal system...another reason why Queens stands out among the boroughs! Can't wait to see this shawl when it is finished!!